Friday Hi-Fives: Screen Printing, Shoots and Sugar Dumplin’


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Oh, hey Friday! You’re here once again and looking good! I hope all of you guys have had an amazing week – what did you get up to? Let me share a few of my highlights with you…

Last Saturday morning we headed over towards Glasgow Green in the sunshine and took part in a really fun screen printing workshop with Square Club. It was awesome to do something different and revisit my high school art days! During the week I had a rather exciting day taking part in a photoshoot at our Rainbow Palace with an interiors magazine – I can’t wait to see the finished piece (hitting news stands in August!).

The weekend calls for good vibes, and today I started mine in style at Sugar Dumplin’s bloggers lunch in Princes Square. This new easy, breezy Caribbean themed restaurant opens this weekend and I have a feeling it’s going to be a welcome addition to the city! You can expect a full review around here very soon, but for today it was a wonderful way to mark the end of the week.

Here’s a few of my very favourite pieces from the week, perfect for lazy downtime reading…

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Also Making Me Smile…

Coffee and great company at Spitfire Espresso in Merchant City

The new Avengers movie is finally in cinemas and I can’t wait to watch it

Booking a trip to London with Gary

Kitsch beach huts in sunny colours

We’re going to see Nick Cave on Sunday – hooray!


I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. If you do something a little bit different, I’d love to hear all about it! And of course feel free to share your top reads with me, too. See you next week!


Miss West End Girl x


How To Up Your Shopping Game in 3 Easy Steps

Shopping 1I recently had a discussion with a few friends about shopping and we chatted about how we go about browsing and buying. Some people feel in their element when they hit the shops (or their laptops!) – I know I do, but the most common reaction of all lately seems to be that people just don’t know where to start!

You see, we’ve become spoiled for choice over the last few years, and with people looking to make every buck count, is it any wonder that we’re feeling more overwhelmed than ever? We all want to be smarter, sassier shoppers, and be more thoughtful about where we spend our hard-earned cash but this can often sound like a lot of work.

Shopping 2

With this in mind, I’m on a mission to help take the hassle out of shopping and make it as enjoyable as possible! I’d previously shared these tips with a few friends and family members, so hopefully you guys will find them helpful too. Here’s how to up your shopping game in 3 easy steps – so grab your purse and let’s dive in:

Shop Indie

This is something that I talk about a LOT, and I am pretty passionate about it! As well as picking up unique gifts (and treats for yourself, of course!), shopping from independent retailers will help these small businesses grow and become beloved shopping destinations. Whether you’re visiting a local place or perhaps taking your pick from the latest sellers on sites like Etsy, shopping indie is one sure fire way to find something awesome AND help support new companies. Everybody wins!

Shopping 3

Shop Around Online

I’ll be honest – until fairly recently I kind of associated price comparison sites with ‘boring’ purchases, like insurance! Enter Beat My Price, who do all the shopping around for us on things that I’m MUCH more interested in, like fashion, homewares, books, meals out and more. Consider me corrected, kittens – and I couldn’t wait to give them a go. With Gary’s birthday coming up, I popped a couple of links to products that I thought he might like (a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and Interstellar on Blu-Ray, if you’re wondering!) into the site and let the Beat My Price fairies do their thing while I swanned off and did mine.

Less than 3 hours later, I got an email alert to let me know that they had found the best price on both items and where I could buy them from – along with the option to buy them then and there if I fancied it. With an 8% saving on one and 13% on the other, it was tempting! You can do up to 5 live price searches at once too, which is even handier at busier times of the year like Christmas. As well as price comparison, Beat My Price also has a list of trending offers to browse through if you’re looking for inspiration…

Shopping 4

Shop Second Hand

According to reports, thrift shopping is thriving in the UK at the moment and it’s easy to see why! With massive savings to be had, one-off finds and more charity shops on our high streets than ever, there’s never been a better time to shop second hand. Whether you’re after a bit of designer luxury, or a quirky piece of furniture, one gal’s trash really IS another gal’s treasure and most pieces given to charity are in excellent condition (and sometimes totally unused)! I’ve picked up (and donated) my fair share over the years and would definitely recommend giving thrift shopping a chance if you haven’t already.

I hope you’ve enjoyed little this spin around the heady world of shopping, and that if you were needing a little boost when it comes to planning your next shopping trip, it has maybe even helped. Being a savvier shopper is just as easy as it sounds, I promise – and by shopping indie, shopping around and shopping second hand you’ll be off to a strong start!

Do you have any shopping tips to share? Tell me your best ever bargain brag!


Miss West End Girl x


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Dining with Gusto Glasgow

Gusto Glasgow 6Sometimes a new restaurant comes along that is the name on everyone’s lips before it even opens its doors. Excitement surrounding Gusto Glasgow – Bothwell Street’s most dapper new resident – had reached dizzying heights be the time they welcomed their first guests this month, and I couldn’t wait to pay them a visit.

Last week, Gary and I headed along to Gusto Glasgow, which sits in a really accessible central spot – ideal if you’re only visiting Glasgow for the day and looking for somewhere handy to get to! The grand building used to house a bank, and now the Living Ventures group (also known for Grill On The Corner) have transformed the space into an elegant dining venue. Walking inside, I felt transported back to a Gatsby-esque period thanks to the beautiful surroundings – although couldn’t quite spot Leonardo DiCaprio…

Gusto Glasgow 4

We were welcomed to our table with some refreshing strawberry and mint coolers – perfect for sipping on while we browsed the menu. The staff were very attentive, giving us the space to unwind but making sure we were well-looked after. After our order was taken, I enjoyed taking in the decor – which had a luxurious element with a hint of art deco, and comfortable seating to boot. The bar area seemed to be the buzzing hub of the space, with bartenders expertly mixing and muddling drinks right in the centre while the rest of the team whizzed around them.

Our starters arrived and I almost didn’t want to eat mine – it was presented with such care that it felt like a shame to dig in! I opted for the home-cured salmon tartare with quail’s egg – which although small in size, packed a very delicious punch of flavour. Gary enjoyed his salmon and dill rigatoni, which was served in a creamy sauce with a zesty lemon kick.

Gusto Glasgow 3

Gusto Glasgow 2

For mains we opted for pasta and pizza – although it did admittedly take a little while to choose from Gusto Glasgow’s impressive menu, which has something to suit even the pickiest eater I’m sure! My hand-made artichoke tortellini was rich and buttery – with each piece of pasta generously stuffed with filling. Gary’s slow-roasted pork pizza was topped with pancetta, rocket, caramelised onion, salami, pork, BBQ sauce and pork scratchings. He looked like he was enjoying it so much that I even pinched a slice to try it for myself – yum!

Gusto Glasgow 7

Throughout our visit I couldn’t help but notice how much every other diner was enjoying themselves, too. The relaxed atmosphere and first-rate food was making for a very pleasant experience and I also spied a few other dishes to come back and try.

Gusto Glasgow 1

After our main courses, we were presented with the dessert menu to end all dessert menus! I’m serious. This menu was teaming with all of my favourite kinds of pudding and picking just one thing was easily the toughest decision I had to make that week! After almost succumbing to eenie-meenie-miny-mo, I settled for the Nutella and mascarpone calzone. That’s right, friends – NUTELLA. MASCARPONE. CALZONE. What can I say about the taste? Whatever you have imagined, double it! Utterly decadent and the best dessert I’ve had in ages.

Across the table, Gary was experiencing a similar impossible choice and finally decided on the chocolate and coffee mousse. I never got a chance to try a taste of his, I was knee-deep in Nutella and cream by this point so had enough going on over on my plate…

Gusto Glasgow 5

We left feeling full and happy – the sign of a good dinner date, I’d say! The principle behind Gusto as a brand is that they aim to create the elegant as part of everyday. A touch of indulgence doesn’t need to be saved for special occasions only, and as someone who dresses like they are going to a birthday party most days of the week, I can totally get on board with that!

If you fancy checking out Gusto Glasgow’s spectacular menu, trying (and failing) to spot Leo and generally having a jolly good time, you can see their menu and more information here.

Have you visited Gusto Glasgow? What’s the best dessert you’ve ever had?

Still dreaming of Nutella…

Miss West End Girl x



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