Friday Hi-Fives: Glitter and Gallivanting to Gateshead


Hey, you! It’s the end of another week (and another month!), and in true hi-fives style, it’s time to celebrate another week gone by. If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that Fridays are all about good vibes – so be sure to share your hi-fives with me too!

Lately I’ve been learning how to pack light and stick to it, having spent a few days in Birmingham this week and with another roadtrip due this weekend. No rest for this girl! I’m super excited to be gallivanting to Gateshead, which was a sweet birthday surprise from Elaine and Craig, as we’ll be spending some time with Tatty Devine! First we’ll be learning how to make statement parakeet necklaces, then sitting in on a talk with ultimate GIRLBOSSES, Rosie and Harriet. The only question is, what the heck am I gonna wear…?

I went along to the bloggers event at Remnant Kings last week and got a tour of their revamped creative space, and a heads-up on the beautiful fabrics that they’ll be stocking this season from the likes of Boden and Liberty. If that’s not enough to inspire some DIY fashion projects, I don’t know what is! I also grabbed brunch at Hutchesons with Lori, and had a good catch up over eggs and coffee.

Today I visited the rad Number 659 Salon on Great Western Road, and got my nails primed and polished by their in-house beautician, Ashley. The salon opened its doors 12 weeks ago, and boasts a whole range of beauty treatments – from massages to manicures and beyond! I left with freshly sparkling nails (thanks to a sprinkling of Sarah Hill’s gold glitter!) and a salted caramel brownie in my handbag – needless to say it was an awesome start to my weekend!

To keep the Friday feeling going, here are my top picks from this week…

Link Love

This pretty Sixties-inspired make-up look by Kailey is making me reach for the white eyeliner

Looking to up your composition game? Check out this photography series by Alexis!

We went to see The Martian last week and it was pretty great – Gary is sharing his thoughts here

I’m dying to try this salted chocolate tart recipe from Teri’s blog. Yum!

The AW15 collection from Sugar and Vice is my favourite one yet – let’s run away and join the circus!


Also Making Me Smile…

On point packaging at Oliver Bonas – I should just hand over my money now!

Getting my Krispy Kreme fix at The Bullring

Cute postcards from Xandra (yay for snail mail!)

Epic 90s playlists – No Diggity, anyone?

It’s the start of October, which means Halloween is nearly here!


I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and spend it doing at least one thing that makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt. I’ve just joined Periscope and will be attempting to use it on our adventures over the next few days. Come say hi and let me know what you think (maybe my efforts will be the very thing that makes you laugh!).

WIth love, glitter and pink luggage,



Banishing the ‘Busy': How to Deal With Overwhelm

Everyone has days – heck, maybe weeks – where facing our to-do list makes us feel like we’re standing at the bottom of a mountain. It looms over us, and we wonder how we’ll ever get everything done. And then we meet people, who ask us how we are, and we reply “busy”. Being busy is all we can think about. Gosh, I’m so busy. Can’t I just hide out somewhere and wait for all this to blow over?!

Like I said, we ALL feel that way sometimes. But, if these one-off days (or weeks) start to become the new normal, it’s really no wonder that we can start to feel anxious and overwhelmed. And hey, that’s a completely natural feeling (not fun, I agree, but still normal!). In the past, I’ve been a teeny bit guilty of biting off more than I can chew (though I have learned how to limit myself – see this post for more on that), so have had to take a huge step back, look at the way I do things and redesign my approach.

It’s a no-brainer that the more relaxed and happy I feel, the more creative and productive I will be (and healthier, right?!), so any projects I’m working on will benefit from that. Good vibes = good work!

But how do we push through the dreaded overwhelm and get the positivity back on track? Over the years, I’ve got myself into a routine that I’m pretty happy with – it took a little practice before the pressure (most of it caused by moi, by the way) started to ease, but I’ve never felt more at ease and I genuinely get a huge kick out of showing that to-do list that there’s only one sheriff in this town…

So today, I’m sharing a few little actions that I’ve worked into my day-to-day, as well as some go-to tips for when I feel the mountain creeping back up and might need to deal with overwhelm:

Revamp your list (and stick to it!)
You probably already have a list of things that you need to do, but it’s time to give it a revamp! By this I mean, go through your list of tasks and prioritise ‘em in order of importance. Look at what MUST be done, then what COULD be done, what can wait a while, and what you don’t need to do at all. To help get you started, ask yourself: can you combine any of the items? And do any of your tasks have deadlines?
Try to avoid procrastinating if you can – don’t shop for a new rug that “might brighten up the spare room” when your bills need paid, or you need to turn in an article by the end of today.

Choose happiness
This is a super simple one but I always find that it makes a huge difference to how I go about my day. When we have a lot on our plates it’s likely to make us feel less energetic and even a little glum. Taking a few minutes out of my schedule to put things into perspective and think of a couple of things that make me happy is something that helps me remain focused and stay on track. I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and that you can always turn a bad day around!

Spitfire 2

Change your scenery
Sometimes you need to just get up and go. If you’re working on your laptop all day, pack it up and trot over to your favourite café – or maybe one you’ve never been in before! Maybe you need to come up with some fresh ideas for a project, so why not grab your coat and go for a walk? It’s amazing how a change of surroundings can help us feel refreshed and ready to rock n’ roll…

Don’t be afraid to ask for help
It’s OK to ask for help. I promise. You aren’t superhuman (even if you’ve had 3 cups of coffee and REALLY feel like you might be, you maniac…) and if you’re really struggling with something, it’s completely fine to ask someone for advice, or a second opinion! You could save yourself hours of sitting scratching your head just by getting in touch with someone and asking a simple question. Someone might even offer help, and although the automatic reply might be “me? Oh no – I’m fine”, think before you respond.

Find a relaxing ritual
To be able to give our best, we need time to recharge. Find something that makes you feel relaxed and work it into your routine (it might be daily or weekly, depending on what it is). This could be something as simple as ‘unplugging’ from the online world for a few hours and letting your mind de-clutter – I find that this is especially helpful before bed. The point is, take time for YOU.

I hope you guys find this helpful. Feel free to refer back to it if you think it might come in handy – and if you have any tips to help banish the ‘busy’ and give overwhelm the boot, I’d love you to share them below!



Home Tour: 3 Ways to Display Photos and Art

art and pics 2
One of the things that I love most about having our own place is that we can really personalise it. I’ve already talked a lot in my Home Tour posts about how we’ve picked out furniture, added some paint here and there, and worked on a few DIY hacks to make the place our own – but one thing that I’ve really enjoyed about styling our home is being able to show off some of our favourite pictures and prints.

When we were renting, we were very limited when it came to decorating – especially when it came to hanging things on the walls. Having any sort of frames or canvas was a HUGE no-no, so needless to say, we’ve been loving our new creative freedom!

Today, I’d love to share 3 ways to display photos and art, based on what we’ve been enjoying doing around the flat…

art and pics 5

Create a Gallery Wall
If you have a lot of prints and designs and find it hard to narrow them down, I highly recommend putting together a gallery wall and arranging your pieces in a structured group. This will make your wall a feature all of its own, and will also help make sure that none of your pictures are neglected. We loved creating our living room wall so much that we did it again in the bedroom!

There are lots of ways to do this, depending on how many pictures you have and what sizes are involved. My top tip would be to take your time, and arrange things on the floor first so you can play around with the layout BEFORE hammering into the wall – then when you’re happy, go for it.

art and pics 1

Show Off Your Instagram Shots
I love taking photos, and I must admit that some of my favourite snaps are the ones I’ve posted to Instagram. They represent so many fun memories from special occasions, holidays and other adventures that I wanted to include them into our décor too.

One way that we’ve been able to do this is by using Zazzle, who can turn your Instagram photos (or any photos really!) into pieces of art, and other home interiors. We selected this collage-style display, which involved having nine of my Instagram pictures transferred onto this wooden panel. I really like the final result, especially the unique look of the wood. It came with a kit to mount it onto the wall, but for now we’re using our display shelves to show it off!

art and pics 3

Feature Your Photo Strips
This is a really quick, easy DIY idea that came about after I realised that I had a dilemma: I had a box full of photo booth strips that I really wanted to use in our décor somehow.

Like Instagram photos, our collection of photo strips are snapshots from times that I want to see and remember – we’ve played around in photo booths at parties, events and even on holidays! I took a cork memo board that I already had at home and painted it in a shade that matched our interior theme – I found that a small tester pot of paint (I used ‘Mizzle’ by Farrow and Ball) was enough to coat the board, making this a super cheap project! Once the paint dried I pinned the strips on. Simple!

This board sits in our hall, and it’s one of the first things I see when I get home. It’s guaranteed to make me smile every time I look at it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into how we like to display our favourite photos and art around the flat! Let me know if you have any tips or ideas to share – I’m always on the lookout for more inspiration…

Love, snapshots and snappy prints,


With thanks to Zazzle

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