Making Jewellery with Tatty Devine

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Tatty Devine have been a huge favourite of mine for…well, just about the full 15 years that they’ve been designing and creating unique jewellery and accessories in London, now that I come to think of it. I’ve gushed about their amazing pieces and genius collections here and on the podcast many times, and when it comes to jewellery you can keep your turquoise boxes (sorry, Tiffany’s!), I’m much more likely to get excited by a little black Tatty Devine box!

My bestie Elaine knows this too, and over the years of our friendship (15 of those too, incidentally!), we’ve exchanged Tatty Devine gifts at Christmas, texted each other frantically when the sample sale dates get announced and cooed over each other’s purchases more times than I can count. Our passion for brightly coloured accessories is one of the things that first brought us together (well, that and a love of music, Paul Rudd and good cake, of course!).

So, when I turned 30 this year, Elaine knocked it out of the park with her gift. “I’ve got your present sorted”, she grinned. “I’m not telling you what it is. But yeah…it’s good”. What a tease, right?!

Tatty Devine 7
She wasn’t lying. It WAS good. On my birthday I discovered that she’d arranged a trip to Newcastle for us to attend one of Tatty Devine’s famous jewellery making workshops at the fabulous BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Arts. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, she’d also booked us places at an exclusive talk being given by the ladies themselves later that day! And as if THAT wasn’t enough, Gary and Craig were going to come with us, so we could spend a couple of days in the city and explore. A birthday road trip! I was BURSTING with excitement!

So last weekend, it was time to pack up and go! I’ll be posting separately about our road trip (though you can catch a sneak peek on Instagram by searching #TApurebaltic), so let’s fast-forward to just after lunchtime at BALTIC, when our workshop was about to begin.

Tatty Devine 1
In a little section of the gallery, a large table had been set up with individual stations for each of us. I’d say there were about 20 places at the workshop in total, and we all started to file in around the table. At each station, we had everything we needed to create our own versions of Tatty Devine’s classic parakeet necklace – including pliers, jump rings and pre-cut perspex.

Tatty Devine’s founders Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine were on hand with the rest of Team Tatty to help us through the process, which took just over an hour. We learned how best to use the materials and how NOT to use them, in order to get the desired results. I have so much respect for the ladies at Tatty Devine – they make this gig look easy! The atmosphere in the room was really lovely – so many excited babes with a fierce sense of style were sitting round the table, it felt really special to be at the event.

I used Periscope during the workshop to share our experience, and ended up doing an impromptu broadcast with Harriet! It was so awesome to chat with one of my fashion heroes and tell her a little bit about Glasgow.

Tatty Devine 6

Soon, our little parakeets were ready to fly! Made from mirrored perspex in a rainbow of colours, they were the perfect statement necklaces. I decided to use gold coloured jump rings and chains, and Elaine selected silver for hers. We couldn’t wait to put them on, and I love that we have matching necklaces from our day at the workshop.

Tatty Devine 3

After the workshop ended, it was time for our next activity, so we whizzed upstairs to take our seats for Rosie and Harriet’s presentation. Taking us back to how Tatty Devine was formed, after Rosie and Harriet struck up their friendship at Art School, and shared the same dilemma – they couldn’t find what they wanted to wear in shops or at affordable price points. The solution? Making their own from whatever they could get their hands on. Within a few months they were meeting with Vogue, shooting a collection and the rest, as they say, is history!

Listening to Tatty Devine’s adventure was exciting, funny, and above all – inspiring. I’m a huge believer in doing things your own way, and having as much fun as you can in the process, so it was great to learn from other ladies that have the same approach to their business.

From collaborating with massive designers, to throwing incredible parties and beyond – Tatty Devine have come a long way since their roots in Harriet’s East London flat (which doubled up as their studio and office in the early days!). What remains throughout is the pair’s fun approach to fashion, celebrating the freedom to wear whatever feels good, “because, why not?”.

Tatty Devine 4

I had the best time at BALTIC with Elaine and Team Tatty, and if you’re thinking about booking a place at one of Tatty Devine’s jewellery-making workshops I say DO IT!

Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure in Newcastle! In the meantime, share your fashion heroes with me – are there any style or design icons that I should know about?

Here’s to fun, fashion and friendship,


The Glasgow Veggie Diaries: Bill’s Restaurant

The story so far: If you’ve been reading here a while, you’ll probably know by now that I really enjoy dining out around town – be it breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner (or an ‘afternoon delight’ which generally means something sweet!)! This year, Gary and I decided to cut out meat from our diets, which has meant a huge change in the way we eat (and what we eat, of course!).

With this in mind, I want to continue to share my experiences dining out in the city, but with a new focus. I want to give you guys the scoop on the places that aren’t serving meat-free menus as a mere after thought – the places with dishes to delight everybody in your posse, whether carnivore, vegan or something in-between! You’ll find me sharing all the details in my mini-series called The Glasgow Veggie Diaries – I hope you’ll join me as I try out vegetarian options in Glasgow and report back on what you can expect!

This chapter in my Glasgow Veggie Diaries takes us to Bill’s restaurant in the City Centre…

About Bill’s
You can find Bill’s in many cities within the UK, but the chain actually started its life as a tiny greengrocers in East Sussex, which later grew into a local cafe. With its focus still firmly on serving good food in a friendly environment, Bill’s has come a long way since then, and aims to offer dishes, snacks and drinks from breakfast to bedtime (and everything else in between).

It’s easy to forget that Bill’s is part of a chain once you’re inside – the team are very warm and welcoming, and the cool, rustic decor reminds me of a local deli rather than a big-name restaurant.

We arrived just after breakfast time had finished, and the restaurant was full of groups of friends polishing off their eggs and bacon. We ordered off of the lunch and dinner menu, which had a fairly varied selection of options and had veggie and vegan options clearly marked and easy to pick out.



Pink drinks and hearty starters

One of the things that I really admire about Bill’s is their selection of tasty (non alcoholic) drinks! We ordered some fruity, watermelon and raspberry drinks to start us off, and later some of the restaurant’s own-brand pink lemonade. The pink lemonade, along with many other items such as chocolate, tea and jam, is available to buy if you want to keep your own stash at home!

To start, I ordered the grilled halloumi with quinoa and lentil sprout salad, and Gary had the heirloom tomato and basil bruschetta. We also ordered the spiced tortilla chips to share. Everything arrived at once, which was great as it meant we got to try a little bit of everything and neither of us felt left out. My quinoa salad was really fresh and had a slightly sweet taste due to the caper, mustard and honey dressing. The sweetness of the honey mixed with the salty halloumi was perfect and the portion size was really generous.

Gary really enjoyed his starter, and both of us tried the tortilla chips, which were still warm and served with a selection of dips (including guacamole, which is always a welcome addition in my book!).


Hitting the wall (AKA a lesson learned)

After stopping short at licking my plate clean (seriously you guys, that dressing!), our table was cleared and we chatted while waiting for our mains to arrive. Bill’s on a Saturday has a constant buzz, with many locals popping in for a quick coffee, a long, lazy lunch or a shopping pit-stop. Being just around the corner from the busiest streets in Glasgow, it sees a LOT of action.

Our mains arrived and both looked great. Gary’s hummus and halloumi was served in a seeded bun, burger-style, with red pepper and lettuce. He also got some sweet potato fries on the side because it’s really hard to say no to sweet potatoes! I couldn’t resist ordering the leek & asparagus mac and cheese, being a big fan of the mighty mac (especially at the weekend!).

My macaroni was piping hot, and after letting it cool a little, I pushed my fork through the panko breadcrumb topping and had my first bite. The smoked cheddar along with the asparagus and leek made this a very rich and tasty take on the classic dish. Here’s where it got a bit weird, though: after my first two bites, I hit a wall. My head said MORE, but my stomach said NOPE. I realise now why this had happened – quinoa is one of the most filling things ever, and I’d just eaten a whole plate of it. So when I tried to eat this warm, cheesy (but let’s face it, rather heavy!) pasta heaven, my body was all tapped out!

I was a bit annoyed with myself at making this rookie mistake, why did I order two such substantial dishes and genuinely think I could manage them both? Luckily, the team at Bill’s were total champs and boxed up my macaroni for me to enjoy later (I ate it for lunch the next day and it was even better the second time around!) while I watched Gary eat his main and order dessert! We didn’t let a full stomach ruin our lunch date though, and after Gary finished his treacle sponge we agreed that we’d had a really fun, relaxing afternoon.


Bill’s restaurant is the kind of place that you can sit in for hours nibbling and talking, and if it wasn’t so sunny outside that day, I’m pretty sure that we would have! I’m looking forward to going back though, and will be sure to order more wisely next time so I can enjoy even more of what the menu has to offer.

Have you ever been to Bill’s? And have you ever hit a food wall?


With thanks to all at Bill’s Restaurant Glasgow

Friday Hi-Fives: Glitter and Gallivanting to Gateshead


Hey, you! It’s the end of another week (and another month!), and in true hi-fives style, it’s time to celebrate another week gone by. If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that Fridays are all about good vibes – so be sure to share your hi-fives with me too!

Lately I’ve been learning how to pack light and stick to it, having spent a few days in Birmingham this week and with another roadtrip due this weekend. No rest for this girl! I’m super excited to be gallivanting to Gateshead, which was a sweet birthday surprise from Elaine and Craig, as we’ll be spending some time with Tatty Devine! First we’ll be learning how to make statement parakeet necklaces, then sitting in on a talk with ultimate GIRLBOSSES, Rosie and Harriet. The only question is, what the heck am I gonna wear…?

I went along to the bloggers event at Remnant Kings last week and got a tour of their revamped creative space, and a heads-up on the beautiful fabrics that they’ll be stocking this season from the likes of Boden and Liberty. If that’s not enough to inspire some DIY fashion projects, I don’t know what is! I also grabbed brunch at Hutchesons with Lori, and had a good catch up over eggs and coffee.

Today I visited the rad Number 659 Salon on Great Western Road, and got my nails primed and polished by their in-house beautician, Ashley. The salon opened its doors 12 weeks ago, and boasts a whole range of beauty treatments – from massages to manicures and beyond! I left with freshly sparkling nails (thanks to a sprinkling of Sarah Hill’s gold glitter!) and a salted caramel brownie in my handbag – needless to say it was an awesome start to my weekend!

To keep the Friday feeling going, here are my top picks from this week…

Link Love

This pretty Sixties-inspired make-up look by Kailey is making me reach for the white eyeliner

Looking to up your composition game? Check out this photography series by Alexis!

We went to see The Martian last week and it was pretty great – Gary is sharing his thoughts here

I’m dying to try this salted chocolate tart recipe from Teri’s blog. Yum!

The AW15 collection from Sugar and Vice is my favourite one yet – let’s run away and join the circus!


Also Making Me Smile…

On point packaging at Oliver Bonas – I should just hand over my money now!

Getting my Krispy Kreme fix at The Bullring

Cute postcards from Xandra (yay for snail mail!)

Epic 90s playlists – No Diggity, anyone?

It’s the start of October, which means Halloween is nearly here!


I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and spend it doing at least one thing that makes you laugh until your cheeks hurt. I’ve just joined Periscope and will be attempting to use it on our adventures over the next few days. Come say hi and let me know what you think (maybe my efforts will be the very thing that makes you laugh!).

WIth love, glitter and pink luggage,



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