Happy as a Pig in Muck: Lunch at The Crafty Pig

The Crafty Pig 3 I am on the subway pretty much every day, which means that I see the same posters and advertisements on a daily basis. One such poster that has been particularly taunting me lately has been for The Crafty Pig. Promising a delicious barbecue smokepit and brewhouse, The Crafty Pig replaces LUAC on Great Western Road and in its first two months has built quite a following. So last weekend, the temptation became too much and we found ourselves craving a massive lunch to set us up for a long day of furniture browsing…

The Crafty Pig isn’t quite a themed restaurant, but there was definitely a strong MEAT motif running throughout. From juicy, dripping burgers, to OTT hot dogs and tender brisket…even the brunch omelette had pulled pork in it! Now, that’s dedication!

Curious to try said omelette, I decided to give it a go. Gary chose the brisket sandwich. I don’t think it’s taken us as long to order food in a restaurant since…well, I can’t remember! We had to ask for a few more minutes a few times before making up our minds, everything on the menu looked amazing – we were even umm-ing and ahh-ing over the sides before eventually settling on bacon cornbread – yum!

The Crafty Pig 1

It’s clear that these guys are passionate about barbecue food, which is awesome to see. With attention to detail, clever names and an astounding variety of toppings and sauces (it doesn’t sound like a tall order, but TRUST me – the right toppings can make or break a good meal!), The Crafty Pig offers a solid menu full of choice. They even have an excellent pizza menu (FYI, 2 for 1 all day every day…) and, despite all the pork, plenty of meat-free options to keep our vegetarian friends happy. There’s also a staggering variety of premium and craft(y) beers for all you beer lovers.

While we waited for our food the staff were super friendly and kept us updated on how long our meal would be. The decor is in-keeping with the traditional smokehouse feel and features exposed bricks and wooden finishes. I even spied a smattering of fairy lights at the back of the room – not very smokehouse-y, but I’m always happy to see some twinkly lights! I really enjoyed the music, which was mostly 60s soul and blues tunes.

I couldn’t help eyeing up the pizzas that arrived at a table near us – I think I’ll need to go back and try them to see if they taste as good as they look…

The Crafty Pig 2

Of course, I soon forgot all about the table next to us because Holy Moly, the size of that omelette! The eggs were light and fluffy and the pulled pork was juicy and plentiful, they made for a very surprising perfect couple. Despite being very hungry, I couldn’t finish it. I know, I know. Whatta wimp, right? Gary on the other hand, wolfed his brisket down. He gave it a thumbs-up which, along with the clear plate, meant it had been very much enjoyed!

The Crafty Pig is a welcome addition to Great Western Road – we really enjoyed popping in for a quick Sunday lunch and with quality food, friendly service and more than decent prices I’m sure we’ll be back sooner rather than later. I’d better start choosing my pizza, then….

Have you visited The Crafty Pig? What’s your favourite barbecue treat?

Happy as a pig in muck,

Miss West End Girl x


Take Me Down to Brass Neck City…

Brass Neck City

…Oh, won’t you please take me home?! 

One of the most amazing things about shopping in Glasgow is its vibrant, and quite frankly, booming vintage fashion scene. From the Southside, to Merchant City and stretching all the way up the West End, there has never been a better time to get your thrift on!

I’ve posted before about the positives of second-hand shopping – it’s sustainable, purse-friendly and there’s always the excitement of finding one-off pieces that will transform your look. What’s not to love?

Vintage style is something that is always of huge inspiration to me, so when I heard about Brass Neck City – a fashion showcase dedicated to celebrating Glasgow’s independent and thrift shopping favourites (and a few newcomers too!), I was excited to find out where and when! Encouraging fashionistas and savvy shoppers to look beyond the high street, Brass Neck City features collections from Minted, Vintage Guru, Glasgow Vintage Company, City Retro, We Love To Boogie and Granny Would Be Proud. This lot make up a pretty impressive dream team of retro retailers, and I can’t WAIT to see what each of them bring to the show.

Each of the vintage stores will be tasked with creating looks that pay homage to popular Glasgow street styles – you can expect to see ensembles inspired by Art School Chic, Vintage Lovers, West End Wendys and more! Will you see your own style staples strutting down the runway? There’s only one way to find out…

What makes this event even more awesome is that it is being held in one of my favourite neighbourhood hangouts, HIllhead Bookclub. Oh, that and the fact that it’s totally FREE! If you’re new to vintage shopping then it is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the ever-growing local boutiques that we are lucky to have in our city, and why second-hand shopping is kind to the planet. And if you’re a seasoned pro, checking out a curated selection of thrifted fashion is always a pleasure, right?!

This unmissable show starts at 8pm this Thursday, will I see you there?

Where the grass is green and the clothes are pretty, 

Miss West End Girl x


Image used via Betty and Bee PR

Friday Hi-Fives: IKEA and Icons!

photo (4)

Oh, Friday! Where to even begin? I feel as though this week has whizzed by in a flash, how about you? The flat has been a hive of activity (actually, make that both flats!) and things in the Rainbow Palace are really starting to come together. We’ve spent a LOT of time in IKEA this week, and we’re still picking out the right shade of mint to paint the bedroom. Most of my week has been spent packing up our belongings and moving things across town but I have also managed to squeeze in a few fun activities!

Last night, I went along to the launch of the new express beauty services at Rainbow Rooms International at Royal Exchange Square. The range of options squeezed into one salon is fabulous, and I enjoyed some awesome treatments. My nails were manicured a shimmering mermaid-aqua, and the ever-so-lovely Laura Lee coiffed my hair into a cute bow shape. It was just what the doctor ordered after a busy week, and I’ll definitely be back.

But tonight was EVEN more exciting. Let me tell you, when I woke up today I had no idea that I would be meeting one of my all-time icons later this evening! The offer of a ticket to go and see the king of kitsch and film legend, John Waters, on his latest tour was just too good an offer to pass up! The show was fascinating, filled with movie making anecdotes and very funny. I loved every moment. After the show, I got to meet John AND he complimented my outfit! As far as Friday nights go, this one is pretty amazing so far…

I’m excited to see what the next few days bring – let’s shimmy forward into the weekend, hi-fiving as we go!

Link Love

My girl Silvia at Chouchou is cooking up something VERY special for the new season – I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for sneak peeks!

I love these taxidermy-themed ensembles by Kimberley and Helen 

Morning rave, anyone? Sarah shimmed with the best of them in the early hours!

Emma’s Autumnal shoot makes me want to go crunching through the leaves

Sometimes I forget how amazing the Science Centre looks – a fantastic reminder (and ace outfit) from Amber 


Also Making Me Smile…

Photo messages from Gary when he’s over at the new flat

Yoga Bunny Juice – so good!

Saturday morning breakfast meetings

Hearing stories about the inimitable Divine

Fuzzy pink sweaters and fancy hair


I hope you’ve had a fantastic week, everyone. Share your Hi-Five love with me!

With a bow on my head and spring in my step,

Miss West End Girl x

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