A Food Fiesta at Bibi’s Cantina

Bibi's Cantina 3

One of the great things about living in the West End of Glasgow is the sheer amount of independent and emerging businesses. From coffee shops to cheesemongers,  there is ALWAYS something new to try – and even if it’s not necessarily new to the area, it will at least be new to you. Recently, we took a stroll along Dumbarton Road to Bibi’s Cantina – a local Mexican joint that we’d heard very good things about but just hadn’t got around to visiting yet.

I am a huge lover of Mexican flavours – even though I am a total wimp when it comes to spicy food (pass the sour cream por favor…), so having a place like Bibi’s Cantina a hop, skip and jump from our neighbourhood makes me really happy. Bibi’s actually opened back in 2007, and has built up a loyal following since then. We went along on a Monday afternoon for a late lunch/ early dinner and we were sat at a cosy corner table.

The first thing I noticed about Bibi’s was that it has a sense of local business at its very heart – everyone is greeted warmly, the staff chat openly and lovingly about the dishes and they are keen to help promote their neighbours. The relaxed interior has a mixture of Latin-inspired tiling and fairy lights with a fiesta feel.

Bibi's Cantina 4

We browsed the drinks menu, which includes all the popular beers, wines and spirits – but what caught my eye was that they stock Jarritos (Mexican soft drinks) in four fruity flavours and also offer non-alcoholic cocktails in addition to the usual cola and lemonade. Not too shabby! I ordered a faux-Margarita which was zesty and delicious – it was finished by the time our starters arrived! We ordered from the Early Bird dinner menu (£14 for 3 courses) which is available from 12pm-6:30pm daily.

Gary couldn’t wait to get stuck into his Mexican meatball sopa (soup) and I had ordered the vegetarian version which on that day was mushroom. Gary reported that Mexican meatball soup was hearty, with ‘just the right amount’ of kick. It looked amazing, but I knew that it was just too much for my sissy tastebuds to handle! The vegetarian soup, although milder was still tasty.

Bibi's Cantina 2

As we polished off our starters and waited for the mains to arrive, we remarked how nice it was to have a Mexican restaurant in close reach, without having to go into the city centre, where there are a few others to chose from. The mains arrived, with Gary’s fresh fajitas still sizzling away in their tequila, triple sec and lime juice marinade – the aroma was enough to make anyone’s mouth water! My tostada – generously layered with avocado (yum!), chicken and tomato – didn’t make quite as much noise but it was no less divine! I could eat it all over again…

Bibi's Cantina 1

Portion sizes are just right at Bibi’s – with filling ingredients like tortilla and rice, it’s easy to feel bloated after a meal, but somehow I didn’t feel like I’d had too much to eat (although I certainly didn’t feel underfed either!). There was just enough room for dessert which was possibly the toughest choice of all. I went with the Mexican dessert quesedilla – all chocolatey and nutty with a hint of coconut. It came served warm (as all good quesedillas do!) with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on the side. Perfection!

Gary also took a walk on the dessert wild side and ordered the honey-drizzled cinnamon tortilla chips, which came with ice cream. It sounds like the kind of dish that shouldn’t work, but it was a sweet-and-salty delight. I helped finish it off, purely for research purposes you understand…

Its easy to see why Bibi’s Cantina is still going strong after being in the West End for seven years. They don’t have a huge space, they don’t have bells and whistles but what they DO have is a strong, well-priced menu with personality and heart. Its safe to say that we’ll be back, and it falls firmly into that ‘not new, but new to me’ category I mentioned earlier. Let’s call it a new favourite.

Have you ever been to Bibi’s Cantina? What’s your favourite Mexican meal? Are you a wimp like me when it comes to fiery food?

With sour cream and super-sized-sombreros,

Miss West End Girl x

Friday Hi-Fives: A Pop of Pink on the Cliffs!

Pop of Pink

Greetings from the top of a cliff! The photo above was snapped last weekend when we took a little mini tour of the East Coast and visited some beautiful scenery – some of which I hadn’t seen since I was a little girl. Beaches, fields and views for miles – and armed with one of my mum’s signature picnics, it was heaven. Wearing my cosy new cerise Lazy Oaf x Garfield hat (a lovely gift from some lovely friends), I felt like a pop of pink against the earthy colours of the cliffs! There’s something really nice about getting all bundled up with a picnic and heading for a change of scenery – I totally recommend it!

This week, we attended a couple of preview screenings  - including The Guest, which I would happily go see again – and last night I went along to the press launch for the Glasgow Wedding Collective at The Lighthouse. It was great to see some familiar faces like Bygone Booth and Three Sisters Bake, as well as some brilliant new (to me!) businesses that have all been hand picked by GWC for their ability to bring style and creativity to the party. I especially loved seeing the paper installations from Scissorkicks and munching on yummy pistachio cake by Big Bear Bakery!

So, what are your plans for the weekend? Before you go racing towards them, join me in celebrating some of the web wonders I’ve come across this week. Happy reading!

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Sugar and Vice launched their new Witching Hour collection (SWOON!) and a subscription box – talk about a double-whammy of excitement!

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I loved this Frozen-themed style shoot by Megan for The Enchantment Project – too pretty

Also Making Me Smile…

Cute, bright lighthouses!

Buffalo crispy cauliflower – don’t knock it ’til you try it!

Synth-heavy soundtracks – the mark of any good horror movie, no?

Candy coloured buildings when you least expect them

The sound of the sea – ahhhh.


I hope you’ve had a spectacular week. Tell me one thing that made you laugh!

With cliff top views and sand in my shoes,

Miss West End Girl x


29 Life Lessons I Learned by 29

29 Life Lessons

Last week, it was my birthday and I entered my 29th year on the planet feeling at my most calm, content and well, like myself. I was sitting eating a completely bonkers-but-brilliant dessert with Gary when it hit me – I felt truly smitten with life. Getting older each year is something that strikes horror into the heart of some, but considering that we have these years to learn, to grow and become at ease with ourselves, I’d say it’s pretty awesome. It sounds corny, but with each year we gain more and more experience and I couldn’t help but think about the crazy, funny and important things that I know at 29.

I also thought, maybe it’s knowing these things that makes me feel confident in myself and happy with my world. They certainly aren’t secrets, and some of them I am sure you will already know yourself (in fact, I am certain)  - but today, I’d love to share 29 life lessons that have helped shape my positive outlook and attitude. Some are serious, some are not-so-serious! Enjoy…

1. Comfort zones are nice to visit, but don’t spend all your time there or you’ll miss out!

2. Laugh as often as you can. Try to find humour in the little things, you’ll be glad that you did.

3. Personal style is whatever you want it to be – so go with your gut, you gorgeous thing!

4. There’s no such thing as impossible, give it your best shot and see what you can achieve today (trust me on this one!)

5. Travelling is good for the soul…

6. …but sometimes, downtime in your own pad can be just as precious!

7. Never let anyone make you feel like you are less than they are. You’re YOU, and that’s amazing.

8. Be curious, learning something new every day never really stops – from fun facts to unlocking a new skill!

9. Your friends will love you and celebrate your quirks, and so should you!

10. Be kind, and considerate – to yourself and to others, too.

11. Life is too short to be hateful. Directing negative feelings towards others never gets you anywhere

12. Sometimes all you really need to do is put on your favourite song and DANCE!

13. Embrace your body (even the lumpy bits!), and look after it. You only get one, after all!

14. Spend time outdoors, whether it’s at the park, the beach or up a mountain!

15. Find beauty in the unexpected by looking at things differently.

16. At times, you’ll need to be brave. It is scary, but you’ll surprise yourself!

17. Live life in technicolour, as if it’s all one big parade.

18. Think about what you’re passionate about. Got it? Good. Now, go after it!

19. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a goddamn door.

20. Wear something that makes you feel like an utter goddess on a regular basis

21. Be adventurous!

22. Remember that sometimes things will not go to plan, and that’s OK. It’s all part of the journey!

23. Treasure that rag-tag bunch of friends you have

24. Use imagination and creative spirit whenever you can

25. Stand up for what you believe in, always.

26. Soulmates are real.

27. Glitter makes everything better.

28. Whatever it is, yes, you can!

29. Love yourself, and the world around you. It’s that simple.

Phew! There you have it, 29 little lessons and mantras that have helped me get to where I am today. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them! Have you recognised any that are particularly important to you, or do you have any that you’d like to add to the list? Let me know! 

With love, life and laughter,

Miss West End Girl x


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