29 Life Lessons I Learned by 29

29 Life Lessons

Last week, it was my birthday and I entered my 29th year on the planet feeling at my most calm, content and well, like myself. I was sitting eating a completely bonkers-but-brilliant dessert with Gary when it hit me – I felt truly smitten with life. Getting older each year is something that strikes horror into the heart of some, but considering that we have these years to learn, to grow and become at ease with ourselves, I’d say it’s pretty awesome. It sounds corny, but with each year we gain more and more experience and I couldn’t help but think about the crazy, funny and important things that I know at 29.

I also thought, maybe it’s knowing these things that makes me feel confident in myself and happy with my world. They certainly aren’t secrets, and some of them I am sure you will already know yourself (in fact, I am certain)  - but today, I’d love to share 29 life lessons that have helped shape my positive outlook and attitude. Some are serious, some are not-so-serious! Enjoy…

1. Comfort zones are nice to visit, but don’t spend all your time there or you’ll miss out!

2. Laugh as often as you can. Try to find humour in the little things, you’ll be glad that you did.

3. Personal style is whatever you want it to be – so go with your gut, you gorgeous thing!

4. There’s no such thing as impossible, give it your best shot and see what you can achieve today (trust me on this one!)

5. Travelling is good for the soul…

6. …but sometimes, downtime in your own pad can be just as precious!

7. Never let anyone make you feel like you are less than they are. You’re YOU, and that’s amazing.

8. Be curious, learning something new every day never really stops – from fun facts to unlocking a new skill!

9. Your friends will love you and celebrate your quirks, and so should you!

10. Be kind, and considerate – to yourself and to others, too.

11. Life is too short to be hateful. Directing negative feelings towards others never gets you anywhere

12. Sometimes all you really need to do is put on your favourite song and DANCE!

13. Embrace your body (even the lumpy bits!), and look after it. You only get one, after all!

14. Spend time outdoors, whether it’s at the park, the beach or up a mountain!

15. Find beauty in the unexpected by looking at things differently.

16. At times, you’ll need to be brave. It is scary, but you’ll surprise yourself!

17. Live life in technicolour, as if it’s all one big parade.

18. Think about what you’re passionate about. Got it? Good. Now, go after it!

19. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a goddamn door.

20. Wear something that makes you feel like an utter goddess on a regular basis

21. Be adventurous!

22. Remember that sometimes things will not go to plan, and that’s OK. It’s all part of the journey!

23. Treasure that rag-tag bunch of friends you have

24. Use imagination and creative spirit whenever you can

25. Stand up for what you believe in, always.

26. Soulmates are real.

27. Glitter makes everything better.

28. Whatever it is, yes, you can!

29. Love yourself, and the world around you. It’s that simple.

Phew! There you have it, 29 little lessons and mantras that have helped me get to where I am today. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them! Have you recognised any that are particularly important to you, or do you have any that you’d like to add to the list? Let me know! 

With love, life and laughter,

Miss West End Girl x


#BLOW My Gosh!

#BLOW 4Finding a hair stylist in a city brimming with chain hairdressers, pop-up salons and family-run businesses is pretty simple. Discovering one that ‘gets it’, and understands your personal style however, is a LOT easier said than done. I often compare it to finding the right tattoo artist, or nail technician – when you find ‘the one’, it’s like the universe has given you a massive hi-five!

My own favourite hair stylist moved back to Canada a couple of years ago and I’ve just not clicked with another salon since (and believe me, I’ve tried…). When I heard about an exciting new style and colour bar opening in the West End, and was extended an invitation to come and check ‘em out with a gaggle of other blogger beauties, I was over the moon.

#BLOW have arrived into the Finneston area with a bang, and offer a truly contemporary salon experience and much needed va-va-voom. From their hand-picked menu of #BLOW-drys (perfect for those who just can’t make up their mind), to completely bespoke styling, there is something for everyone.


Sassy, but not at all snooty, salon owner Fallon and her team made me feel at ease from the moment I walked through the door – greeting me with huge smiles and offering me drinks from their Style Bar while I got settled. I was swooning over the salon interior – crisp white punctuated with sunny yellow and one heck of a feature wall by local artist Dana Finnigan. Even the packaging of the Milkshake hair products co-ordinated perfectly with the décor – talk about a match made in heaven!

We were being treated to some hair conditioning masks before our hair was cut and styled. Made from scratch, the masks were tailored to our hair types and I had some fun whipping up my own yoghurt-based one with a bowl and whisk – next stop, Great British Bake Off, eh?! Sitting along the custom-built Style Bar, we chatted and nibbled on cupcakes while the salon team worked their magic all around us.


A little while later, my hair was washed, deeply conditioned and smelling DIVINE! I couldn’t stop sniffing it! My stylist, Tabitha, had a blether with me about what we could do with my hair. A lot of the other girls were opting for a cut with the salon’s signature big #BLOW-dry to finish it off, but I couldn’t quite see my poker-straight hair and micro fringe pulling off quite the same look. “I feel like you’ve got that whole Bettie Page thing…why don’t we try something a bit different?”. Remember what I said before about finding someone that ‘gets it’?! We decided to have some fun and try out some of the Bleach London temporary hair colours while we were at it.

Tabitha gave me a quick trim to sharpen up the ends of my hair and then set about putting a wicked French braid across the top of my head like a crown. My hair was acting as its own accessory, I loved it! I picked out three colours from the Bleach London palette (Bruised Violet, The Big Pink and Out Of The Blue – if you were wondering!) and Tabitha expertly applied the colours to my fringe, braid and ends of my hair. The colours popped against my liquorice-coloured hair with no prior bleaching required – I was very impressed!


The end result was a cute, Summer style that I couldn’t stop looking at and the hi-five from the universe that I was hoping for! I’ve found a new salon that considers each client as an individual and takes personal style into account. And cherry on top? It’s right on my doorstep! You can’t get much better than that, and as I looked at how happy my fellow bloggers were with their newly #BLOWN hair, I could tell that they felt just as jazzed.

#BLOW’s catchphrase is “D’ya Come Here Often?” – now that I’ve had my first date with them, I think I will be!

With lots of hair swishing,

Miss West End Girl x


A huge thank you to Fallon, Tabitha and all at #BLOW, and Betty and Bee PR

Friday Hi-Fives: Birthday Fun!

birthday fun

It’s Friday night, I’ve just got home, kicked off my shoes, sat down. It feels like the first time I’ve been still all week, in the best possible way! You may (or may not!) know that it was my birthday on Monday, and I’ve been enjoying some MAJOR celebrations over the last seven days! Last Friday evening I shimmied along to the Tia Maria Dark Room event, got down to a soundtrack that included Sugarhill Gang and Prince (yay!) and had my hair coiffed by Toni and Guy’s finest. All weekends should start with victory rolls and fairy lights if you ask me, but especially birthday weekends…

I started my Saturday with an early morning trip to Swoon for a super kawaii themed manicure! I’m obsessed. After that, I was whisked to Edinburgh Zoo by my favourite people, and had an amazing day (and night!). I’ve spent the rest of the week catching up with friends and enjoying some divine dinners – one particular highlight was Gandolfi Fish in Merchant City, yum!

On Wednesday evening I found myself in the rather awesome South Block enjoying the Pinterest UK event and getting stuck into some real-life pinning! I’ve recently got started on Pinterest and I’m determined to be more active on my boards, and create some new ones! Are you on Pinterest? Come say hi! It’s truly been a week of birthday fun and I’m excited for another weekend of adventures. Let’s take a look at the best of the week before we dive into the weekend…

Link Love

The Twin Peaks opening credits have been given the retro, 8-bit treatment 

Urban Decay are launching a Pulp Fiction themed collection. Be still, my heart!

Real-life mermaid Emily Launched her new blog, and it’s awesome

Reminiscing over the best movie makeovers of all time!

Megababe Louise shared ten things that are non-negotiable. I was totally nodding along, will you?

Also Making me smile…

A washi tape bonanza!

Making the ultimate feel-good mixtape (“I’m going to Miami…“)

Koalas – I could look at their mellowed-out little faces all day!

Bubblegum flavoured doughnuts

Laughing until my stomach cramps up


I hope you’ve had a fantastic week. Let’s keep those good vibes going all weekend long! Who gets your hi-fives today?

With road tips and rad friends,

Miss West End Girl x

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