Recipe: Vegan Superfood Boost Balls


It’s been a while since I posted a recipe on here, yet I’ve spent so many of the dodgy weather days hanging out in my kitchen. I thought it was high time I shared something new with you guys!

What I love about this snack is that it involves zero cooking, no baking and minimal effort in general. The only way it could possibly get any easier is that if someone just made it for you while you took a nap (and if you decide to do that, you won’t hear any judgement from me…). But hopefully the idea of a yummy, chocolatey treat is enough to tempt you to do this yourself! They are also dairy-free and despite tasting sweet actually contain no sugar.

I was first inspired to make this recipe after receiving some superfood packs from Neal’s Yard Remedies, who stock a huge variety of powders, seeds and much more in their stores and online. After trying a few variations to a recipe I had seen, I came up with these vegan superfood boost balls. Why do I call them boost balls? The ingredients are rich in antioxidants and a great source of natural energy, fibre and protein, making them perfect for a little pick-me-up! Here’s how I make ’em…


Vegan Superfood Boost BallsĀ 

You will need:

– 4 teaspoons of chia seeds

– 4 tablespoons of dessicated coconut (plus a little extra for coating the finished balls!)

– 4 tablespoons of cacao powder

– a cup of ground almonds (either buy ground ones or soak and grind whole almonds)

– 4 tablespoons of goji berries

– a tablespoon of coconut oil

– half a cup of coconut milk

– 10 Medjool dates

– a food processor (I use my Nutribullet, but anything that can blend will do just fine!)

To prep, de-pit the dates and chop them up roughly. Measure out all of your other ingredients and line a tray (or big tupperware box) with greaseproof paper.

Pop everything into your food processor and give it a whizz! The end consistency should be thick, smooth and slightly sticky. If you find that the mixture is too dry and not sticking together, add a splash more of coconut milk and blend again (this happened to me the first time!).


Roll the mixture into small ball shapes (you can decide on the size yourself – I make mine like a good-sized chocolate truffle). Sprinkle some of the leftover dessicated coconut into a saucer and roll the balls over it to coat them lightly.

Once each one is coated, place them in the prepared tray or box and put them in the fridge for an hour or two before enjoying. And BAM! You’re done! Didn’t I tell you this was easy? Store them in the fridge and eat within a week (that wasn’t really a problem for us, they were pretty much devoured after two or three days!).


These are currently one of my favourite snacks to make (and eat!). The cacao gives them that rich, chocolatey taste and with the sweet dates and coconut they remind me a bit of Bounty bars.

Let me know if you make these vegan superfood boost balls or if you have any tasty recipes to share. You can always find me pinning sweet treats and new-to-me veggie meal inspiration over on Pinterest too, so come say hi!

With love, good vibes and kitchen adventures,



Turning 30 soon? This One’s for You…


So, apparently this is me making a ‘3’ and ‘0’ with my hands – it looks kind of like I’ve joined a weird gang. I promise I haven’t though…

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter talking about turning 30 this year and how much it upsets them. It’s as though they are waiting for a prison sentence to start and see the big 3-0 as a huge black cloud looming in the distance. It made me wonder what the big deal was – so I wanted to spend a bit of time today sharing my take on it and (hopefully!) putting a few myths to bed.

I’ve been 30 for six months now and I’m going to let you in on a little secret: it’s pretty damn great. AND (surprise!) it’s not actually much different from turning 29!

On the morning of your 30th birthday, you will NOT wake up looking like the Evil Queen from Snow White. A guy dressed like one of the Men In Black isn’t going to arrive at your door with a checklist of things that you Should Have Done By Now. You aren’t going to be scolded for being unmarried, or not being on the property ladder, or not being the vice president of a company just because you’re turning 30.

In fact, the only people that seem to be making these demands on us is… us. When I chat to friends about their expectations for their 30th year, they often say things like “I just want to have had a baby by the time I’m 30″, or “if I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing with my life when I turn 30, I’ll be so angry with myself”. So, instead of looking forward to another birthday, the very idea of it gives them The Fear.

It’s OK to not quite have everything figured out yet, and we really must stop putting so much pressure on ourselves. We’re focusing so much on the destination that we’ve forgotten all about the journey! Yes, it is a milestone birthday – but the way I see it, it’s an opportunity to celebrate your life so far AND get excited about what’s still to come. Who could be scared of something so fabulous?

Here are a few other reasons why I believe that turning 30 is awesome:

– you’re more comfortable in your own skin than ever before and less anxious about what other people think

– by now, you’ve learned a few tough lessons and feel much better for it

– your friends are real friends, the kind that make your life that little bit better and have no agenda other than being amazing

– you’re more self-aware and want to look after yourself and others more

– you can now balance serious ‘adulting’ with having a total ball AND have the added bonus of being in charge of your own destiny

So, if you’ve got the big 3-0 coming up, don’t sweat it, toots! I promise that you will be just fine. I hope you love turning 30 and everything that it means – so stop being so hard on yourself and have fun!

With love, birthday candles and paper cups,



Friday Hi-Fives: Burns, Warhol and The Devil Inside


Hola friends! Today’s post comes to you from the exciting location of…er, my bathroom. I’m writing this with a freshly mixed batch of Lush henna in my hair, and thought it would be much safer (for the rest of the flat!) if I just stayed in the one spot while it works its magic (clumsy, moi?). I’ve never used henna before, though I’ve been hearing great things about the Lush ones for years – today has been the day I finally get around to trying it!

How has your week been? I hope that you’ve managed to keep warm and dry in this crazy weather. After celebrating my friend Casci’s birthday at the weekend, it was the start of another week before I knew it! On Monday we enjoyed some veggie haggis from McSween before heading to catch the Cancer Bats show, not quite a traditional Burns Night but an excellent one all the same. The next night was the media event for The Devil Inside – a very striking and modern opera by Louise Welsh and Stuart MacRae. It’s always a pleasure seeing a performance from Scottish Opera (not to mention have an evening out in the gorgeous Theatre Royal), and after seeing Carmen a few months back, it was good to experience a completely different approach.

Later on in the week, I caught up with the lovely Pam while trying out some of the new menu at McPhabbs. With some yummy veggie options and decent prices, I’m sure it won’t be too long before I go back to try the truffle mac n’ cheese! I also spent some time with the team from Aveda, who took me through some of their upcoming launches. With hair trends, make up and even travel essentials covered (I’ve got my eye on their Daily Light Guard SPF30 – it’s light enough to wear with make up and has the dreamiest texture), there’s a lot to look forward to over the coming months!

A hop, skip and a jump later I had a juice date at Martha’s with Lori. I love our blogging chats (and our nonsense chats too!) and hearing all about her new African Pygmy Hedgehog. And now here we are, it’s Friday once again!

This week, I’m hi-fiving because…

…the new Warhol Special Editions prints, exclusively at King & McGaw, launched today! Featuring classic Warhol quotes from the archives created in bold colours, they make the perfect interior update. See the full collection here!

…there are two Minnie Mouse collaborations that will be released this Spring – with Kate Spade and Sephora. I’m swooning just thinking about these – bows at the ready

…the Sackler Staircase at Theatre Royal is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G

…I got a little sneaky peek at some gorgeous homeware coming soon to New Look this week. Did someone say copper side tables?

…I can’t get enough of this divine pumpkin ravioli with charred leek and pistachio butter at McPhabbs

Here’s to an awesome weekend – I hope you have the best time!

Hi-five homework: make a list of the next three cities you’d love to visit. Where does your wanderlust take you?

With love,



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