A Sunday at Scotts

Scotts 6Having the city on our doorstep can often mean that we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to dining. With the latest concept restaurants, BBQ pulled pork joints and contemporary Scottish cuisine being served up a mere hop, skip and a jump (and sometimes even less than that!) away, it’s not very often that we venture out of Glasgow for a Sunday lunch. But a few weeks ago, we were celebrating some good news and spending the day with La Familia, which called for a day out at the seaside and a meal in a more unique setting…

Beaches in Scotland are a little different to the sunkissed sands you see in movies. With bracing winds and freezing water, you better pack that blanket along with your bucket and spade! We enjoyed visiting some of the blustery, but busy (us Scots aren’t going to let an icy gale spoil our Summer, right?) beaches in Troon and Prestwick before heading to the Troon Yacht Haven, to have a bite to eat at Scotts Bar & Restaurant. 

Scotts 2Situated right on the marina, one of the main attractions of Scotts is the stunning view of the Ayrshire coast (on a clear day you can see the Isle of Arran). We were delighted to have a table on the popular terrace, which boasts the best view and has full length windows looking out onto all of the boats (top tip: book one of these tables in advance if you can, we did and thankfully avoided the queue of people waiting to get into the terrace). Big boats, little boats, traditional boats, fancy boats…sitting for an couple of hours in Scotts will certainly have you seriously considering a nautical lifestyle!

Scotts 1

When we arrived, the place was buzzing with activity and the staff were clearly kept busy! I admired the stylish, relaxed interior as we were shown to our table After umm-ing and ahh-ing over the starters, I finally settled on the prawn and hot smoked salmon tian – it only seemed right that I should try some seafood, given the setting. It tasted super fresh and was light enough to make me excited for the next course. Gary ordered the timbale of haggis (pictured above), which was served stacked with champit potatoes, turnip, cream and Arran mustard sauce. Heavenly, I was assured!

Between courses, we browsed Scotts’ impressive mocktail menu and picked out some speciality drinks. Gary’s Spiced Cherry Soda tasted of bubblegum, cherry and spices and my zingy, bright Pink Lemonade was the perfect drink on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Next time, I’ll be trying the Apple & Cranberry Collins…

Scotts 3

It was the end of a very busy week, and I was craving some comfort food. Good thing Scotts had me covered with their hearty three cheese macaroni which came topped with a light crumb and served with a fresh slice of garlic bread. It was just what I wanted – practically an edible hug! Being a Sunday and all, Gary opted for one of the roasts on the menu: a slow-cooked rump of beef served with Yokshires and roasted vegetables. The totally clean plate at the end of the meal suggested that it tasted as good as it looked.

Scotts 5

Still admiring the view from the window, we ordered desserts. Ever the chocolate fiend, I couldn’t resist the chocolate fudge cake, which was served warm and gooey (just as chocolate cake should be!) with cool Chantilly cream and vanilla ice cream. Yum! The Belgian waffles were clearly a popular choice (not just in our party), and looked delicious (too good to share, I would assume..)!

Scotts 4

After polishing off our desserts and the last of the “if we had a boat…” conversations, our Sunday lunch came to an end. We left Scotts feeling utterly stuffed and ready for another (albeit much slower) walk around the beach.

It was great to enjoy the more relaxed pace of a day at the coast and have a lovely meal together. Be sure to check out Scotts if you’re in Troon for the day – a sailor cap is optional! Where are your favourite places to visit outside of the city?

With seashells, seafood and Sunday roasts,

Miss West End Girl x

Channelling My Inner Lydia Deetz at Kelvingrove

Sparkle Goth 10Is it any wonder I had a major goth phase as a teenager? The dramatic looks, the music and the poetry (thankfully, not penned by me!) featured heavily in my high school years. Even though I’m much more colourful these days, there will always be a part of me that will feel wooed by the dark side – so long as I can add a dash of glitter for good measure of course!

Sparkle Goth 9

I recently channelled my inner Lydia Deetz when Rare London sent me a lace dress from their new collection. As I tried it on, I loved the striking black lace, and the longer length of the skirt. I knew that it was just itching for a gothic photo shoot, and the perfect setting was just a hop, skip and jump away from the flat…

Sparkle Goth 4

If this photo shoot had a soundtrack, it would feature a lot of The Cure, The Damned and Bauhaus.

Sparkle Goth 6

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is probably my favourite building in all of Glasgow. Its Spanish Baroque-style and enormous stature is enough to stop anyone in their tracks, even for a second, and take it all in. What lies inside of course, is even more impressive, but on this day I was much more interested in showing off my lace dress outside the building and in the surrounding woodlands.

The lace on the dress has a little stretch, and is really soft – unlike some lace dresses which can have a tendency to itch. How’s a gal supposed to read her copy of The Raven in peace if she’s scratching at her dress all day? What a godsend…

Sparkle Goth 5

There is a slit on each side, just the right length too – we don’t want an Angelina-at-the-2012-Oscars situation on our hands! The slits made the full skirt easy to wear as I enjoyed mooching around the iconic stone steps of the museum.

I accessorised the feminine frock with a Meadow crown from my beloved Crown and Glory and my new favourite sparkly ballet flats. I kept jewellery to a minimum (although I DID consider a crucifix for the ultimate Like A Prayer look!) and wore cameo earrings by Tarina Tarantino and my Marc by Marc Jacobs watch.

Sparkle Goth 1

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before…

Edgar Allan Poe

My Goth Girl getup included:

Black Lace Maxi Dress: C/O Rare London

Meadow Crown: Crown and Glory

Earrings: Tarina Tarantino

Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs

Silver glitter pumps: New Look

Sparkle Goth 8

I loved indulging in the romance and drama that a little bit of lace can create – and re-visiting a gothic look that, with a few tweaks, feels more distinctly like ‘me’. The awkward teenage goth girl will always be an important part of my own style journey – and she’s still here in spirit although nowadays much less likely to reach for the black lipstick! You can check out the full collection from Rare London here.

Tell me about your style journey – how much has your look changed over the years? Any looks that you’d re-visit?

The bats have left the belltower…

Miss West End Girl x


All photography in this post by Gary at Trouble With Film

Friday Hi-Fives: Girls on Film

Girls On Fim

Can you believe that Friday is here once more? This time last week I was getting ready to head out to Backseat Bingo’s retro themed movie night with my fluffy pink skirt (very Sandy from Grease!) and Cry Baby tee. I had an utter blast gorging on pic n’ mix cherries, playing in Bygone Booth’s vintage photobooth (see exhibit A, above!) and watching some 1950s kitsch with Gary and our friends. I can’t wait for the next one…

If you caught up with my last post you’ll remember that I was at the Toast of The Town photography workshop on Saturday in the city centre – did someone say girls on film?! On Sunday we visited the beautiful beaches in both Troon AND Prestwick – with the bracing winds and freezing water it wasn’t quite Malibu but wonderful all the same! I took part in a bloggers roundtable discussion on Monday night with some of my favourite local bloggers and the lovely team from Yomego. We munched pizza and chatted about the future of blogging, making for a fun and interesting night.

Last night we went to see Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes – never has the ‘excited monkey face’ emoji been more appropriate! Before we swing right into the weekend, let’s look at what else has got me excited this week…

Link Love

11 Ways Blogging Changed Me For The Better -  I love this post by Kristabel

It’s time to be your own heroine – Xandra is launching her latest project over here!

Sara’s sun-soaked photos at Battersea Power Station are just gorgeous

How would YOU survive a B-movie style alien invasion? 

Being a Riot Grrrl in the 21st Century – my girl Sarah NAILS IT in this post 

Also making me smile…

Laughing at inappropriately placed stickers with Elaine (whoops!)

House Of Fraser are showcasing pieces by Scottish design talent starting today and it’s pretty damn awesome

The smell of freshly toasted bagels

Waving at The Waverley (“Doon the watter”)

Sequins in the post – I heart snail mail!


I hope your week has been filled with summertime bliss. Who gets your hi-fives today?

Love, blue skies and the click of a camera,

Miss West End Girl x


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