Mean Girls Turns 10 – Can You Believe It?


One week today  - and that’s a Wednesday (how FETCH!) – Mean Girls turns 10 years old. How time flies! My adoration for this movie knows no bounds – it is hilarious, endlessly quotable and has a killer cast. So grab your Burn Books as we pay tribute to Tina Fey’s sassy screen hit…

I’ve guest posted about the awesomeness of Mean Girls before, and I can still remember watching it with my best friends in the cinema when it was first released. After the film ended, and over the years, we still gleefully screech/ text/ email lines from the film (“OH MY GOD, DANNY DEVITO! I LOVE YOUR WORK!”) and can’t help but exchange a knowing grin if we happen to be wearing pink on a Wednesday.

That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.

I know we aren’t alone here, as like Heathers and Clueless before it, Mean Girls has the unique ability to bring people together by examining the minefields of high school, teenage friendships and being the new girl – subjects that most of us can laugh about and relate to (in case you were wondering – I was the Janice of my high school year)!

The movie has managed to hold its own after a full decade, and watching it now, it doesn’t even feel too dated. Mean Girls wins new fans with each screening, inspiring indie companies to come up with collections inspired by the characters and script. When I saw this You Go, Glen Coco tee by These Folk (pictured above), I knew I needed it in my wardrobe! Earlier this year, Stella and Bow released everyone’s favourite slogans in a Mean Girls jewellery collection –  I’m sure I almost heard a collective squeal on Twitter when word got out!

More recently, Scottish design babe Nikki McWilliams has been hinting at a VERY special Mean Girls project – due to launch on the morning of the 30th. I can’t wait to see it!

I love seeing teachers outside of school – it’s like seeing a dog walk on its hind legs…

If you’re looking to celebrate Mean Girls’ tenth birthday, you could throw your own themed movie night. I’m sure I don’t need to go over the dress code again, but make sure you’ve got plenty of iced coffee, cheese fries, hot dogs (ahem!) and Kalteen bars to serve your guests…

Will you be celebrating ten years of Mean Girls next week? What’s your favourite Mean Girls quote?

I’m a mouse. Duh…

Miss West End Girl x

5 Reasons to Visit the West End this Spring

spring1After what seemed like the LONGEST WINTER EVER, the temperature has gently started to rise and the days are getting longer and lighter. So, it’s time to wriggle out of our onesies, wrestle ourselves away from those Netflix marathons, and get outside!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve enjoyed spending time outdoors around the neighbourhood. There really is a sense of a fresh start when Spring comes along, it seems to bring out our curious and adventurous sides as well – not a bad thing at all!

Let’s embrace that spirit today and look at 5 reasons to visit the West End this Spring…

1. Spend an afternoon at the Botanic Gardens

I did this one last week, and it was GLORIOUS! The Botanic Gardens were opened in 1842 and continue to delight visitors every day with their beautiful grounds and impressive collection of plants. The Botanic Gardens boast several species of flowers, exotic plants from the tropical rainforests, and even a herb garden! Whether you want to take a walk around or simply sit under a tree with your favourite book, it really is the perfect setting for a peaceful afternoon.

2. Explore Glasgow’s history at Kelvingrove Museum

In their newest exhibit, How Glasgow Flourished, Kelvingrove Museum & Art Gallery present a look back at a key period for the development of the city. By showcasing art and objects, and hosting a series of events to accompany the exhibit, Kelvingrove are inviting everyone to explore their own family history and connections to Glasgow.spring23. Organise a picnic

While walking through the sunny park this weekend, I could see that many, many people had the same idea and settled for a chilled out day on the grass – some with impromptu nibbles and others with whopping great picnics prepared at home! That’s the beauty of a picnic, it can be as simple as you like. So, grab a couple of pals and eat alfresco under the vivid blue skies this Spring!

4. Make the perfect fruit salad

Speaking of eating, and with so much fresh fruit and vegetables coming into season, make the most of the wealth of organic shops and greengrocers in the West End and create the perfect fruit salad! Or maybe you’re a green juice addict? Cucumber and kale are in season now, so go get your juice on!

5. Spring clean your wardrobe

Having done this recently, I can honestly say that it feels SO satisfying to give your wardrobe a huge overhaul and get things ready for Spring! Take full advantage of the charity shops dotted around the West End and give generously! Like I said before, this time of year is perfect for embracing change and freshening things up so what better way than to start with your clothes – out with the old and in with the new…

These are just a few of my favourite reasons to visit the West End of Glasgow this Spring – or if you already live here, some fun things to get up to! Let me know if you do get out and try out any of these, or discover some other awesome West End Springtime activities!

With fresh flowers and endless blue skies…

Miss West End Girl x

Friday Hi-Fives: With Love for a Long Weekend

long weekendBonjour, beautiful! It’s Friday once more – and an extra-special Friday since it marks the first day of a long weekend, hurrah! So, what do you have planned? Easter celebrations, a mini-break away somewhere exciting or simply kicking back and enjoying some downtime? I’m happy to have four days of relaxing and day trips ahead – including another visit to Edinburgh tomorrow to meet up with fellow Blogcadette Sara!

This week I’ve enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the Botanic Gardens, had another article published (this time all about West End shopping favourite, Granny Would Be Proud), and been feverishly excited about hitting Disney World in less than 3 weeks’ time. Let’s jump right into this wonderful weekend and get hi-fiving…

Link Love

Theresa on Visiting San Francisco Vs. Living In San Francisco and how the city has her heart – definitely placing it firmly on my must-visit list…

Fuchsia fried potatoes, anyone? I’m drooling over Natalie’s awesome recipe!

Xandra shares her love of visiting art galleries (and dressing in theme!) – a girl after my own heart!

Are you a Valencia or a Hefe? Here’s Every Instagram Filter, Definitively Ranked if you can’t make up your mind!

The energy of your words & importance of a gratitude practice - this post by Louise is my favourite thing that I’ve read this week

Also making me smile…

Hatching meetup plans over the coming weeks and months

Karen Mabon and Vacation Days’ Taco Night scarf is all kinds of awesome! Swoon!

The satisfying feeling of a MASSIVE Spring clean

With Katy Perry tickets and some new Crown and Glory head candy, it’s safe to say it’s been an epic post week!

Granola and almond milk. Officially my new breakfast jam (I don’t know how I lived without it for so long).


Let’s make every minute of this 4-day weekend count! And tell me, who gets your hi-fives this week?

With sunbeams, smiles and supersized Easter eggs,

Miss West End Girl x

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