How To Make Va-Va-Voom Juice: A Super Easy Recipe!

Va-va-voom Juice 4Feeling like your usual kickass self in January is, admittedly, a little bit harder compared to the rest of the year…am I right? The cold weather coupled with dark mornings, afternoons and nights tend to have a draining effect and can sometimes wipe the sass from your step completely! Not to mention the sluggish post-Christmas slump. Eek!

Lately, I wrote about making this year AMAZING, and part of that was loving yourself a little more – and that includes the inside too! I am no health food guru – and most people who know me know just how much I love sugary treats – but even I know that a little of what’s good for you goes a long way.

Last year, I started experimenting with juicing (a little late to the party, but still excited to be there!) after picking up our Nutribullet blender. This gave me the perfect opportunity to start including more variety into my diet and experiment with food that I wouldn’t normally eat by flinging it into endless concoctions of juices and shakes. Talk about opening a feel-good floodgate!

Today, I’m sharing a super easy, healthy juice recipe that I hope helps shake off some of those January blues and give a little boost where you need it most – I’m talking mind, body AND soul, guys! I call it my Va-Va-Voom Juice and here’s how it’s done…

Va-va-voom juice 1

You will need: one stalk of celery, one third of a cucumber, the juice of one lime, one Granny Smith apple, two to three cups of kale, one cup of blueberries (it would almost be a green juice if it wasn’t for those blueberries!) and one cup of water. You’ll also need a blender or juicer – I use the Nutribullet but there are PLENTY of options out there!

The reason why I’ve selected these ingredients? Where do I begin? Kale is nicknamed the ‘queen of greens’ and is ridiculously good for you! It’s loaded with nutrients and fibre – great for detoxing and boosting your immune system (making it the perfect January vegetable or what?). Green apples are higher in potassium than other apples and have plenty of minerals like calcium and iron. They also help stabilise blood sugar – hands up if you hate the mid-morning crash?!

Cucumber rehydrates the body, promotes joint health and even stimulates hair growth (talk about a triple threat!). I toss in some celery because the minerals found in this vegetable actually soothe the nervous system, encouraging a feeling of calm (aaaah…). It’s also full of vitamin A which helps aid eyesight. A squeeze of lime adds more vitamin C, rejuvenates the skin and cleanses the immune system. Finally, blueberries (my favourite fruit!) are jam-packed with antioxidants, they soften dry skin and studies have shown that these little guys boost your brain health as well! Phew!

Va-va-voom Juice 2

The method: wash your ingredients and core the apple. Chop up the celery, cucumber, apple and kale (you only need to do this roughly, the blender will do the rest!). Throw the apple, celery, kale, cucumber, blueberries and water into the blender and squeeze in your lime juice. Blitz the ingredients until smooth (the length of time will vary depending on your juicer or blender!).

Pour your juice into a glass or cup and enjoy right away!

Was that easy or what? I hope you’ve enjoyed my recipe and might give it a try next time you need a little Va-Va-Voom kick!

Va-va-voom Juice 3


Miss West End Girl x


PS: This post is in no way sponsored by Nutribullet (I would make it clear if it was!), I bought mine with my own pennies and just genuinely love it! 

Finding Wonderland at The Electric Gardens

Electric Gardens 4

There are some ideas that combine the most simple things, and work PERFECTLY. They end up being so effective that you wonder why on earth no-one had ever thought of them before. Take peanut butter and chocolate, two ordinary things that work so well when paired together, right? How about coffee and cake, bangs and eyeliner, Turner and Hooch?

Another example of this formula that I discovered last week was The Electric Gardens – taking the basic elements of light and sound and combining them in the beautiful setting of Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. The result? Nothing short of amazing!


Last Thursday I was invited along to a special sneak preview before the event opened, and got the lowdown on this awesome feast for the eyes (and ears!).

The Electric Gardens have been created as part of the West End Festival, which always promises a cultural smorgasbord of things to see and do in the area. This concept takes advantage of the darker nights at this time of year and creates an exciting interactive experience using dramatic lighting and music.

Electric Gardens 1Hanging out in the Botanic Gardens is an activity that most people save for warmer weather – in fact, finding a picnic spot in June can be a bit of a challenge! Sitting amongst the blooms and butterflies and taking in the view of the Kibble Palace is a Glasgow Summertime must-do, but what I love about The Electric Gardens is that it shows just how breathtaking this location can be all year round!

As we walked to the event, I could already see the vivid colours lighting up the sky – a bit like fireworks on a cloudy night (without all the noise!). The entire experience is taken on foot in the form of a self-guided tour, which leaves you to go at your own pace and soak up the atmosphere (I spied plenty of friendly stewards around for assistance and information, too).

Electric Gardens 3

We visited the Kibble Palace first (most of the rest of the tour is outdoors) which was bathed in a glowing purple and aqua aura – magical!

On our tour we also came across fire dancers, giant pieces of artwork, every kind of lighting effect imaginable and music that ranged from fairy tale twinkling to dramatic industrial beats. Whether up close or seeing the entire gardens from the top of the hill, it felt utterly enchanting.

The Electric Gardens also highlights parts of the Botanic Gardens that might be overlooked by daytime visitors – for example the disused subway station that I always skip right past is a real focal point, and a small clearing was transformed into a tiny wonderland filled with glowing lights. There’s nothing like discovering something new about a place you already love.

Electric Gardens 2

Visiting The Electric Gardens is also a reminder of how fortunate we are to have lush, green spaces in the city – and seeing it showcased in such a unique way is a real treat! The show is on until 15th February and you can find out more – including how to get tickets here.

Will you be visiting The Electric Gardens this year? Tell me about some of your favourite combos!

Here’s to celebrating the wonderlands in our own back yards,

Miss West End Girl x


With a massive thank you to Aura PR for looking after us! 

Friday Hi-Fives: Pyjama Party!


Oh, Friday – I could cover you in kisses! It’s been a whirlwind of a week filled with sneak previews, hatching plans and seeing lovely people but I’m also kind of glad that tonight it’s just me, my pyjamas and a LUSH bath. Heaven!

If you have been reading this week, you’ll know that Monday night was spent aboard the Benebus learning how to Hook n’ Roll - so much fun! Last night, I went along to one of my favourite Glasgow locations – the Botanic Gardens – and got a very special peek at the Electric Gardens (part of West End Festival 2015). I can’t wait to share more details and a few photos from this awesome spectacle, so be sure to come back next week to read more…

The huge response to Monday’s post was a wonderful surprise – thank you so much to everyone that took the time to comment, tweet and email sweet messages! I’m so pleased you enjoyed a little look into our home. There will be more to come in the future but until then you can find more photos over on Pinterest.

Are you going to join in my pyjama party tonight? Let’s celebrate the end of another amazing week!

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Until next week, have a fantastic weekend and tell me: who gets your hi-fives today?

Dancing in my pyjamas,

Miss West End Girl x


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