Friday Hi-Fives: Go With Your Gut


Well, this has been a rather exciting week!

If you were around here on Monday, you’ll know that I announced my latest project – a brand new podcast called Those Gals (you can listen to it here!). Starting something new is always a little nerve-wracking, but by lunchtime that day I had lost count of the lovely messages and tweets from people saying that they had enjoyed it – it just shows that sometimes you need to go with your gut! So thank you from the bottom of my sparkly heart if you have listened and/ or responded in some way – you are AMAZING! We’re already working on the next episode and having such a blast.

This week I’ve enjoyed some silly horror films, lovely meals and had a couple of exciting meetings. I hope you’ve had an awesome week? I’m looking forward to catching up with a few of my very favourite blogger babes this weekend, not to mention getting all crafty on Sunday at The Butterfly and the Pig. Washi tape and glitter glue at the ready…

Before we race ahead into the next few days, let’s celebrate the best of this week. Here’s who get’s my hi-fives:

Link Love

I’ve just discovered Keiko Lynn’s beautiful blog and I’m SWOONING, you guys!

Megababe Emily is growing her business with a little magic and glitter – find out more here 

I love Alix’s gorgeous Palm Springs shoot - now, where did I put my passport…?

Lis shares my love of fairground nostalgia (and sweet jewellery!) in her Tatty Devine round-up

Try not to feel all warm and fuzzy after this Buzzfeed gem!


Also Making Me Smile…

Pamela’s fabulous housewarming party (she also has the most precious dogs EVER!)

Warm polenta chips, yum!

My Hollyhood Kitty hood – because staying warm while dressed like a Manga character is the best!

Hanging bunting from our fireplace

My sparkle sister, Erica, is visiting this weekend – cue the confetti!


I hope your week has been filled with excitement and good vibes. Tell me one thing that’s made you smile!

With kitty ears, fuzzy sweaters and all the feels,

Miss West End Girl x


Happy Days at Ed’s Easy Diner

Ed's Easy Diner 5If there’s one thing that my strict diet of kitsch Americana and trips across the pond have instilled in my soul, it’s a deep love of themed restaurants. And my favourite type of themed eatery of them all? It’s gotta be a 1950’s diner!

Think about it: in the movies, the trusty diner is where you’ll find Danny Zucko hanging out with his gang, girls giggling over soda pops (and their latest crushes) and love’s young dream sharing a basket of fries. Swoon-o-rama!

So when the fabulously retro-themed Ed’s Easy Diner invited us along to their latest Glasgow branch to give their famous menu a try, you can bet I was there quicker than you could say awopbopaloobop alopbamboom!

Ed's Easy Diner 4

Ed’s is new to Glasgow but the brand has actually been rocking, rolling and bringing awesome eats to cool cats and kittens for more than 25 years – originally opening in London’s Soho. Since then, their reputation has grown along with the number of restaurants in the chain. I’d previously been to Ed’s Easy Diner at Euston (just outside the train station) for a milkshake last year and loved their mixture of energy and vintage cool – I couldn’t wait to live out my Happy Days dreams a little closer to home this time…

With it’s striking neon signs and 1950s styling, this diner is easy to spot in the crowd! Walking in, the cheery decor is clearly reflected in the fun atmosphere and our friendly waitress seated us in a spacious fire-engine red booth. The restaurant is decked out in chrome, checkerboard motifs and custom fittings – and one of the first things I noticed was how immaculate it was (listen, daddy-o, I know talking about cleanliness is pretty square – but when my food is involved, it’s important! Dig?).

Ed's Easy Diner 3

We browsed the extensive menu and decided to try the two veggie burgers. I went for the chickpea and quinoa burger, while Gary decided to order the Cajun vegetable burger. The burgers can be served on their own or as a ‘plate’ – meaning they’ll come with fries, onion rings and slaw. So we could try a few sides, we took the burgers on their own and ordered sweet potato fries, onion rings and Ed’s famous cheese fries.

While we waited, I was dying to use the jukebox! Each booth comes with its own vintage-style jukebox and they are FILLED with classic hits from a bygone era. I opened my purse and it appeared that the jukebox gods were smiling on me – I had enough change to keep picking out tunes until we were well into our meals!

Using authentic to the era music is such a simple, yet effective element. I must admit I would have been a little disappointed if the place looked as good as it does and played the latest chart hits. Luckily, we had The Big Bopper, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis to keep us entertained!

Ed's Easy Diner 2

Our food arrived in no time at all and while we were waiting our two lovely waitresses – Shelby and Ashleigh – made sure we were well looked after. The laid-back, enjoyable feel is clearly maintained by the staff, who couldn’t have been more pleasant. Our burgers arrived as ordered, and came topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle and Ed’s diner sauce. I really enjoyed mine and when I asked Gary how his Cajun burger was, he told me it was “strong” – he’s a man of little words, but boy, they’re all the right ones…

Let’s talk for a moment about those sides! The sweet potato fries and onion rings were crispy, light and delicious. But for me, the main event was the cheese fries. Oh. My. God. They were seriously addictive! I’ve been daydreaming about them ever since. The cheese sauce was super tangy and not greasy at all (which is always the worry with melted cheese!). I can now understand why Regina George in Mean Girls was so hell-bent on getting herself some cheese fries. That girl knew what was up!

Ed's Easy Diner 6

After eating our meals we decided against a large dessert, but knew that it wouldn’t be a trip to a retro diner if we didn’t order some shakes for a super-sweet ending. I ordered a peanut butter shake in honour of the king (uh-huh-huh!), and Gary mixed it up with a coffee and banana number. We had the cheek to order ‘skinny shakes’ (made from frozen yoghurt) which considering the meal we just ate felt a little like locking the stable door and all that, but sometimes we like to kid ourselves.

“I’m surprised you didn’t ask if they could whip you up a cheese fries shake”, Gary laughed. He might be onto something! Maybe I could put a suggestion on a comment card or something…

Ed's Easy Diner 1a

We slurped our shakes, which for skinny shakes were still nice and thick. I couldn’t quite finish all of mine at the time, so we had it decanted into a to-go cup and headed back out into the world!

The stand-out thing that made my experience at Ed’s Easy Diner memorable was the atmosphere. There was a real feeling of a loving tribute to a bygone era, backed by simple, tasty food, cheerful staff and a great customer experience. I might not have seen The Fonz but there’s always next time!

You can shake, rattle and roll up to Ed’s Easy Diner at St Enoch Centre.

With jukebox dreams and hamburger heroes,

Miss West End Girl x


With a huge thanks to Roche Communications and all the cool cats at Ed’s for looking after us! 


Do That Thing: Introducing Those Gals!

Gals 1At the start of the year, I wrote about making sure that 2015 would be the year that we all get out there and do That Thing. The thing that we’ve been putting off, that we keep daydreaming about and saying we’ll get around to doing. Today, I am super excited to share mine with you – a brand new creative project that officially launches RIGHT NOW…

Here’s something you may not know about me: I used to do radio. Yup! I studied radio broadcasting as part of my University degree, and for two years I even wrote, produced and presented my own show on campus radio. And the truth is, I’ve really missed it! Over the last year or two I’ve been toying with the idea of doing something fun with recording again, and I can now reveal that the result is Those Gals – a new podcast!

So, let me tell you a little more about what exactly Those Gals is and what you can expect. I’ve teamed up with my bestie, Elaine, and together we have created and recorded a show that we hope will reflect the kind of laid-back conversations that you have with your girlfriends. We’ve been hanging out for 14 years, and when we get together, we always have a blast – and talk about EVERYTHING.

Gals 2

On the show we’ll gab about all of the things that we find interesting, silly or feel passionate about. From fashion to pop culture, to friendship, to those what-the-eff moments and more! In our first episode, we go back in time to when we first met, what things were like back then and how it has all shaped us into the gals we are today.

It was after spending a lot of time listening to podcasts that I realised this was the kind of platform I had been looking for. Podcasting allows me to start playing around with recording again – AND it was right under my nose the whole time!

We hope that you’ll give Those Gals a try on your next commute, when you’re relaxing or whenever you normally listen to something (I listen to my favourite podcasts while cleaning the house – strange but true!). We promise that we don’t take anything too seriously and if we can make you smile, laugh or say “I so remember that!” then that’s amazing too.

Those Gals has been approved by iTunes, and you can find our first episode HERE! 

It feels awesome to be doing something that I’ve been thinking about for so long – and to be creating it with my closest friend makes it even sweeter! If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do (no matter how big or small), now is the perfect time to get started, sunshine!

Sharing this new and exciting step with you guys today is pretty much the best way I could ever think of to start a new week! I feel like dancing on the ceiling – eat your heart out, Lionel Ritchie!

As always, I’d love to hear what you think so be sure to give me a little shout here or over on Twitter (you can also hit up Those Gals on Twitter from today, so come say hi!).

Oh – what a feeling…

Miss West End Girl x


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