About the Girl

Hi! I’m Lynsay – also known as Miss West End Girl. I live in Glasgow with my boyfriend Gary in a flat filled with books, shoes and Elvis memorabilia. I buy far too many dresses and love adding to my ever-growing collection of tattoos and Prince records.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but I started blogging over 5 years ago with the intention of writing solely about personal style, but it has since developed into something much bigger.  Over the years, I’ve had many friends and strangers ask me what it’s like to live in Glasgow, looking for tips and ideas about where to go, what to see and things to do. With that in mind, I’ve developed Miss West End Girl, which strives to be a smart and stylish point of reference.

For more information, my official bio is below:


Lynsay’s writing has been dubbed a “Glasgow Survival Guide” by her readers and she is listed in the 10 Essential Glasgow Blogs You Should Be Reading. Lynsay enjoys connecting with other creatives from far and wide and has notable experience in working on blog and event collaborations with both established and emerging brands. With a passion for communicating, Lynsay is also an enthusiastic speaker and is happiest when chatting away, either one-on-one or to an audience. Lynsay offers a fresh and contemporary reflection of life and style in Glasgow and beyond, as told by a girl who is living it and loving it.

As Miss West End Girl, Lynsay has contributed guest writing published on other blogs including UK designers Tatty Devine. With an eye for unique style, Lynsay has been featured by Crown and Glory Hair Accessories on their website and been featured on Bonjour Blogger’s Blogs We Love feature. Lynsay can also be found contributing a wide range of articles for other sites and publications, such as Time Out Glasgow, Blogbranch advice for bloggers, Wear Eponymous fashion and West End Report.

Recent interviews with Lynsay can be found at Nuffnang UK and Bloggeration magazine.

Lynsay is passionate about writing and collaborating on creative projects. She is inspired by the unique and innovative and loves to discover and support new and independent ideas whether based in Glasgow or anywhere in the world. If you are interested in collaborating with Lynsay or have a project idea please check out the contact page for details on how to get in touch.

By creating this blog Lynsay aspires to establish a go-to-guide for to living a quirky and stylish life, finding inspiration around each corner.

And finally…

Lynsay believes in love, kindness and laughing as often as possible. When she’s not creating content you can often find her overdressed for every occasion, embracing life with a smile and a wink.


Kind words and feedback from a few wonderful people that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with, spent time with in a creative setting, attended events I’ve worked on, or have taken the time to read my blog…

She’s like a real life Jem and the Holograms character; she’s retro styled in neon colours, and has a sparkling personality and Scottish accent to boot. Her blog ‘Miss West End Girl’ is simply an extension of all that – living life in colour in the chaotic and cultural Glasgow. She’s the girl in the know, if you need to know. And you need to know. 

Talented Talkers

We just adore working with Lynsay. She delivers above and beyond her brief and her loyalty to the handful of brands she carefully selects to work with knows no bounds! We feel super privileged to have been able to work with this babe so early on in her career, when she’s heading to massive heights as a leader in alternative fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Sophie King, Founder and Creative Director, Crown and Glory Hair Accessories

Lynsay blew us away with her adorable scholarship application — we knew we had to have her in class straight away!  In person, she was just as charming as her online persona suggested: brimming with enthusiasm, laden with sweetness, and armed with a curious mind.  She is a sweetheart and a wonderful addition to our crew of blogcadettes!

Gala Darling, Blogger, Blogcademy Headmistress and Radical Self Love Revolutionary 

Your blog is looking SO GOOD already… I cant wait to see what you do next! 

Kat Williams, Blogger at Rock n’ Roll Bride and Blogcademy Headmistress

Lynsay is a joy to communicate with. Not only is she honest, kind and enthusiastic but she’s one of the most stylish and fun bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far and I’m keen to work with her more. This lady will go places.

Sarah, Designer and Owner of Sugar and Vice Designs

I am always on the look out for wonderful blogs created by fellow Scots, so of course I love Miss West End Girl. I have been following Lynsay’s blog for a while now but am drawn to it even more after she created a fabulous new layout. Her blog is filled with bold and colourful outfits and some brilliant insights into what Glasgow has to offer. My favourite posts from the month of October include her round up of some fun movie events and her tips for an awesome Halloween party

Helen MacDonald, Jolly Good Studio 

I can’t get enough of lovely Lynsay. I’m proud to call this superglam babe a member of my blogging posse, and not only is she wonderfully talented at what she does, she has a heart of gold too.

Kylie Stanton, Blogger, adventurer and graphic designer

Thanks so much for this wonderful write up! Amazing snaps and it was so lovely to meet you!

Emily from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Miss West End Girl has the perfect eye for style! She has done an amazing job introducing us Glasgow girls to Miss DixieBelle in the cheeriest and most stylish way possible. She’s well on her way to making Glasgow the perfect haven for girls who like something a bit extraordinary!

Kate Doonan, attendee at Miss DixieBelle Loves Glasgow event

This was a fun, girly and social event – Lynsay knows how to put on a fab night & make sure everyone has a great time! She provided a great overview of Miss Dixiebelle and really opened my eyes to what a great business they have.

Briony Cullin, Blogger at The Glasgow Food Blog and Yelp Glasgow Community Manager, attendee at Miss DixieBelle Loves Glasgow event