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Dancing Flamingo

It’s probably not too much of a surprise that I love flamingos – after all, what’s not to like? As well as the obvious great colour and gorgeous shape, these exotic birds remind me of being in my spirit home in Florida – and I always make a beeline for them at the zoo. We’ve …

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Yay! A 500k Giveaway!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say how much I love using Pinterest, right? For me, it’s not just a form of social media (though it is easily one of my favourites!) – it’s a great way to get creative, feel inspired and share ideas. I can happily spend time pinning photos I’ve taken, …

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For The Love of Snail Mail

Like a lot of people, I spend a LOT of my time communicating in the online world. Whether I’m writing here, contributing content elsewhere, chatting on social media, replying to emails…well, the list goes on! I don’t think it’s so much a ‘blogger’ thing – it’s just the way a lot of us tend to …

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