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Beauty Hit List: September & October 2016

Well, well, well – look what the wind blew in! It’s only time for another beauty hit list, and if you’re anything like me, your cosmetic choices are starting to reflect this time of year. From nourishing skincare to uber-glam makeup, it’s a truly autumnal selection this time around! Let’s jump in and see what’s …

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Leopards and Spiders and Bears (Oh My!) – Dressing Up For Brunch

I love any excuse to get all gussied up, even if it’s just to grab brunch at one of our cosy weekend spots. A couple of weeks ago we decided to go to Singl-End because it had been too long since I’d had some of their sweet potato & almond loaf – not that IĀ ever …

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The Art of the Lip With MAC Liptensity

Since I first started wearing makeup, lipstick has been my ultimate indulgence. I’ve been incorporating a bold, bright lip into my personal style for well over a decade now (yikes!) and there’s nothing like a new lipstick collection to get my heart fluttering! So, when I first heard about MAC Liptensity – a new collection …

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