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An Ode to Chunky Black Boots

There are many key moments in my life when a pair of chunky black boots have been my footwear of choice. They’ve seen me through more birthdays than I care to count, graduating high school, taking my first steps inside University (and, a few years later, taking my last steps inside University), nights of endless …

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Summertime Blues and Bubblegum Shoes

Now that summer is in full swing, I’ve retired a few of my usual suspects (I’m looking at YOU, 60+ denier tights!) in favour of lighter, brighter pieces. Long may it continue! I’m loving not having to layer up and battle the weather each morning, and being able to show off what I’ve picked out …

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Weekend Wear: Two of Hearts

  On Friday night we went to The Lansdowne Bar & Kitchen for dinner. It’s one of these really great local places that never disappoints and I always enjoy my visits. It’s got a great atmosphere – somewhere between stylish and laid-back and the staff are super friendly, rocking a smile and a pair of …

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