5 Yoga Asanas That You Must Do Daily During the Covid Pandemic

Yoga is highly beneficial for the human body in various ways. It is immensely helpful to control your breathing, improve body balance, and practice relaxation. The devastating effects of the global pandemic are still on, and people have to stay inside their homes. So, it is quite natural that fitness enthusiasts from all over the globe are putting their best to make sure that most exercises can be done at home.

Many yoga experts claim that people should practice yoga poses every day so that the human body will feel less tense and feel recharged throughout the day. Several studies have inferred that yoga happens to be one of the most natural and effective immunity boosters, which can result in a healthy body.

1. Balasana

The posture is also referred to as the Child Pose. It starts by kneeling on your floor. Keep your knees apart and toes together. Next, rest the palms on both your thighs. When you exhale, make sure your torso is lowered between the knees. Next, extend both the arms alongside the torso while palms should face down. Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed towards the ground. You have to rest in this pose for as much time as required.

Advantages of Balasana

You should realize that relaxation is necessary for one’s body. The yoga asana assists in relieving your neck, hips, and back by soothing and stretching them at the same time. It is crucial to breathe while you are in this pose.

2. Chakrasana

Also referred to as the wheel or Bridge pose, Chakrasana is a traditional type of yoga asana. You can perform this pose or asana by first bending in a backward direction and then balancing yourself on your thighs and ankles. The back bending posture of this asana not only engages the entire body but also stretches the heart to aid in releasing depression and sadness.

Advantages of Chakrasana

The asana assists in strengthening the muscles of your abdomen and regularizing the digestive system. The posture also makes the spine more flexible and reduces waist pain. The asana helps to build up positive thoughts and energy in our body and mind. It also enhances the energy level internally and externally. However, some fitness experts advise not to practice this asana if a person has spondylitis or high blood pressure.

3. Sukhasana

The yoga posture is also called the Early Pose and is simple to do. You should first sit on two folded blankets. Your legs should be extended right in front of you. Next, bend both the knees, cross the right shin in front of the left shin. You have to bring your knees closer until the feet are underneath them. Move forward over the legs. Also, your arms should be stretched forward and placed on blocks.

Advantages of Sukhasana

The asana helps in regulating your breathing. It is extremely soothing for your body. It assists in straightening your back alignment and stretches the hip open wide.

4. Pawanamuktasana

Start this exercise by being flat on the back and lying on a smooth floor. Make sure that the feet are together, but the arms reset beside the body. Inhale deeply and bring both knees to the chest. Next, wrap both arms around them. Hold the pose and breathe normally. Now, exhale and then release the asana after rocking and rolling sidewise about three times.

Advantages of Pawanmuktasana

This yoga pose reduces your belly fat and makes the abdominal muscles stronger. The pose massages the abdominal organs, including the intestine. The asana tones your buttock, legs, arms and helps in weight loss. It also improves digestion, strengthens the back, and relieves constipation.

5. Bhujangasana

The asana is popularly referred to as the Cobra pose. It is believed to offer solutions to many problems, which occur in ailments ranging from Dyspepsia to Asthama and other health issues. Many well-known yoga experts feel exercised muscles keep your spine elastic and make the muscles healthy.

The posture has a good impact on the deep muscles as it reduces aching back. The good news about this yoga asana is that the body part, which is removed from the ground initially, will come back to the ground at the end.

Advantages of Bhujangasana

Many yoga experts claim that the cobra pose can prove immensely beneficial to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. The asana revitalizes the heart and reduces menstrual irregularities. Those people who suffer from conditions such as hypertension, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer, and hyperthyroidism should take guidance from an expert before practicing this yoga asana.

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