Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies Hiking

The Canadian Rockies boasts some of the most dramatic landscapes in the northern hemisphere. The Canadian Rockies include the vast tundra of Banff National Park, with its wild mountains and deep ravines; Jasper National Park with its glaciers and mountain lakes; and Yoho National Park with its cascading waterfalls and lush alpine meadows. Yoho National Park also has a fascinating history. Canadian Rockies hiking is one of the best ways to experience the thrill and majesty of this amazing region.

Be prepared for the cold

The Canadian Rockies boasts some of the highest natural elevations in North America. The Canadian Rockies range from freezing cold to extremely warm, with jagged, snow-capped peaks, such as Mt. Robson, towering above all other mountain peaks. Yoho National Park has the Rockies’ second highest mountain, Mt. Jasper, with a height of 615 meters.

Hiking the Canadian Rockies can be a truly memorable and inspiring trip for the whole family. However, planning a Canadian Rockies hiking holiday requires a lot of preparation, especially because of the high altitude and challenging landscape. Before you book your trip, you will need to determine the route that you want to take, how long you intend to be away, what clothes and accessories you will need, the best time to go, where you want to go, etc.

Travelling to Canada

If you have never been to Canada, then you will need to find out everything about travel to Canada, from passport services to immunization requirements. For a more helpful tour guide, use the Internet or pick up the phone. Canadian travel guides can be very helpful in answering questions about travel, popular sights and activities, transportation, accommodations, Canadian laws, etc.

Choosing a suitable trail

When choosing a Canadian Rockies hiking trail description, be sure to choose one that is relevant to your planned trek. Some examples of popular Canadian hiking trails include Sunshine Coast Hiking Trail (NSW), Jasper National Park Hiking Trail (NTW), and Kootenay National Park Hiking Trail (KPH). All three of these trails offer spectacular scenery and challenging hiking trails. In addition, most offer some form of day/night food or camping facilities. They also each have their own unique “character”.

There are many different ways to enjoy the Canadian Rockies, depending on which area you visit. One of the best ways to enjoy the Canadian Rockies is to plan a photo posted backpack trip. To get started, find a good campsite on the south shore offal island, which is approximately halfway between Burleigh and Appledore. You will want to take a Canadian Rockies hiking trail to reach this campsite, which is a few hundred meters from the trail head. Once you’ve reached the campsite, register, set up, and begin enjoying your stay.


If you prefer to camp directly at the park headquarters, there are several sites with modern, well-equipped campsites. Most campsites offer firewood, lanterns, and picnic tables. The closest hotel to the park headquarters offers shuttle service to and from the park headquarters, so you won’t have to worry about transportation. On top of the hotel amenities, the campground offers an abundance of activities for hikers and campers. As you would expect, the park headquarters is within walking distance of all of the accommodations, which means that you will have plenty of choices in activities between your time at the camp site.

Take the bus

Another way to enjoy the Canadian Rockies is to take a bus tour. Bus tours traveling through the Canadian Rockies provide a variety of routes, starting at the southern campgrounds and going north. You’ll get to experience the park’s national parks and wildlife refuges along the way, as well as historic Fort Collins and its lovely old buildings. Some of the tours also stop in cities like Calgary, which offers a variety of sightseeing experiences while on your hike. For even more variety, a variety of bus tours traveling throughout the Canadian Rockies also offer day or overnight stays, providing you with the ability to choose what part of the city you’d like to visit.

Popular camping grounds

For those looking for a less regimented hiking experience, consider camping at one of Canada’s many campgrounds. There are campgrounds located in all four regions of the Canadian Rockies, so be sure to find one close to where you’re planning to hike. Some of the most popular campgrounds include Hungry Lake (Alberta), Waterton Lakes National Park (Ontario), and Gibson Campground (Alberta). Although most campgrounds charge a nightly rate, some offer all-inclusive packages that include meals, nightly entertainment, and entrance into the park. Camping at one of these campgrounds is a great option for families and allows you the ability to hike some of the world’s best Canadian Rockies in relative solitude.

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