How long do Eco Carrier Bags last?

It really is revolutionary to see eco carrier bags on the scene. It’s one of the biggest steps in tackling plastic pollution and the environment as a whole.

Eco carrier bags are far easier to decompose fully, which often occurs within 3 to 6 months (subject to factors including temperature and amount of moisture present). In comparison to their plastic counterparts, they can take much longer, up to a few hundred years, no matter the size of the bag… From here, they turn into tiny toxic particles that damage water, soil, and wildlife.

Safe to say, the positive effect eco carrier bags have on plastic sustainability is a no-brainer. Even better, owning these bags can really say something about you, and how you are acting to improve the cause of plastic pollution. You can even choose the type of material, size, colour, and handle.

Keep reading to find out how long eco carrier bags can last.

How long do Eco Carrier Bags last with their primary use?

For the most part, eco carrier bag’s primary use will be used for carrying personal items on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps it’s going to work, grocery shopping, or school. It’s often said that the bags can last for roughly 12 months on the shelf, and for a substantial amount of time when opened, based on the amount of use and the environment it’s being used in. For example, if the bag was being used for grocery shopping on a daily basis, you would only expect its primary use to be less due to wear and tear.

However, you would still find the materials used in the eco carrier bag would increase the lifespan of its primary use, over a single use plastic bag.

The materials used for eco carrier bags are durable meaning they should last for longer than plastic bags. This can not be said for single-use plastic bags, which can often break due to the thin plastic material, which then leads them to become unusable for any task. Especially with day-to-day activities like heavy shopping, it’s more likely they could break easily.

From here, they cannot be used again; meaning they will slowly photo-degrade instead of sustainably decomposing like eco carrier bags do. Imagine how many of these single use plastic bags are thrown away everyday? It’s clear eco carrier bags if used more widely will have a more significant impact in reducing plastic waste in landfills across the world.

Even better, eco carrier bags are durable due to the materials used, meaning their primary use can be enjoyed for longer before reusing for another purpose, or recycled.


It’s clear the use of eco carrier bags have a substantial impact on the environment, and can last for a long time due to it’s durability, reusable material and many more.

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