How to Boost Your Confidence in Relationships

A lack of confidence can cause all sorts of problems in relationships.

It might make you feel unworthy of your partner’s love, for example, or jealous when they show affection to others. Many people become needy as well, and, according to, even start seeing their relationships in black-and-white terms (i.e. all good or all bad).

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to nip this problem in the bud. Do you want to boost your confidence in relationships this year? We can help!

Keep reading to find out how.

Celebrate Yourself

Nobody’s perfect, but you’re pretty darn close. Seriously, it’s time to celebrate yourself – flaws and all! No matter what that devilish little voice in your head might say, you’re unique, beautiful, and utterly amazing.

Remember that comparison’s the thief of joy too. So, catch yourself whenever you realize you’re comparing yourself to someone else and run through a quick mental checklist of your own myriad qualities.

Keep at it and it shouldn’t be long before you feel more comfortable in your skin – a change that’s sure to carry over into your relationships.


We know, telling people how you feel is hard. It forces you to be vulnerable. And being vulnerable is scary (especially when you’ve been hurt in the past).

However, bottling up your feelings is a recipe for trouble. While you might think you’re doing the right thing by staying quiet and avoiding an argument, it’s usually better to bite the bullet and express yourself. Don’t, and the pressure builds up over time, eventually exploding out of you in a fit of pent-up frustration!

In the same way, being open with your partner about what’s going on inside can be liberating. Among other incentives, it’ll lighten your emotional load, help them understand you, prevent unnecessary conflict, and, with any luck, boost your confidence too.

Acknowledge Your Insecurities

Ignoring your insecurities (whether it’s personal or about the relationship) is like ignoring that lump you found in the shower. It won’t make them go away!

It’s true, burying your head in the sand might feel easier in the short term. But, trust us, facing up to your problems is the first step to overcoming them.

We should point out that it’s natural to have insecurities. So, rather than hide from them, say “hi” whenever they rear their ugly heads, shake their hand, accept their presence instead of denying it, and then allow them to drift off harmlessly into the proverbial sunset. Your confidence will get a huge boost in the process.

Try Hypnotherapy

Have you tried the DIY approach to boosting your confidence but still find yourself struggling? Well, it might be time to get professional support. For example, why not try relationship hypnotherapy?

It can help you reframe negative thoughts, alter unhelpful behaviours, and encourage you to view elements of your relationship from an alternative perspective. The very act of sharing your experience with a trained and experienced professional can make a difference as well.

Start Feeling More Confident in Relationships

Are you one of the countless people around the world who’d like to feel more confident in your relationships? Well, we hope the insights in this article will help. Although it might not happen overnight, the good news is that there are plenty of steps you can take to turn a corner with your confidence.

Give these steps a try and see how you get on! For more information on similar topics, check out related articles on our website today.

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