Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family Explanation

A nuclear family, plain family or nuclear family is a household group consisting of a mother and her children, or two parents and their respective children. It’s a contrast from a single- Parent household, a large extended family or a blended family with more than 2 parents. Often, nuclear families are the most stable and loving households among them. They have more love, devotion and communication with their spouses and children than any other type of family. However, some issues can arise when nuclear family members live together.

Issues arising in nuclear families usually happen in the workplace and the home. This usually happens due to the fact that people who are employed have to interact with one another more often and are less disciplined than those who stay home to be with their wives and kids. Thus, some of these problems create hindrance for everyone especially for the children, who do not have proper time to spend with their father and mother. Thus, higher education is required for all nuclear families in the United States.

In nuclear families where parents work, both partners have to work. In cases where only one partner stays home to be with the kids, it is difficult for them to adjust to such situation and can create conflicts, especially when the parents cannot agree about anything. Thus, even though nuclear families are supposed to be joined together by love and dedication, sometimes this does not happen and thus family problems begin to arise.

In a nuclear family where there are two-parents, most of the time there is an issue when one or the other partner wants to be with the children while the other parent is not cooperating. For example, if both the parents work, it is normal for one of them to stay home and take care of the children. However, when this does not happen, then it causes resentment and fights are likely to break out between them. Thus, even though two-parent families tend to have more harmony than single parent families, there are still issues that arise. In short, the two-parental family has more challenges than the single parent family.

In the United States, there are many diverse forms of families. The two different types of nuclear family are the separated family and the conjugal family. The separated family is made up of a husband and wife who live in separate homes. They have their own bedrooms and have their own privacy. In the conjugal family, two people live together in marriage. Usually, a conjugal family consists of the husband and wife, their parents and either sibling.

There are various reasons why the nuclear family may end up in disarray. One reason for this is when a couple decides to get a divorce. This may be because they are unable to deal with the various challenges brought about by being a couple. Divorce causes anxiety to both parties and extended families. Thus, it is very common for extended families to suffer after a divorce since they have been emotionally and financially tied with the couple.

Another reason as to why families end up in disarray is when two-partnered parents decide to have a divorce. Sometimes the mother decides to stay home with the children while the father moves out. This is often caused by lack of money or simply being unable to support the family due to his own employment. Extended families may also suffer if one of the parents moves out and this often results in children being relocated across state or country.

However, despite the challenges associated with nuclear family life, studies show that children from these families are better adjusted than those from traditional families. They are also less likely to suffer from drug abuse and other social problems. These studies further show that children from nuclear families are less likely to engage in violence as compared to those from other types of families. The biggest obstacle parents face when having a divorce is not the constant fighting during their relationships but the impact it will have on the children. A better understanding of nuclear family life can help you come to grips with the issues and conflicts you will face during the course of your relationship.

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