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The small island of El Nido is located off the coast of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. It is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and charming island resorts in the world. If you are considering visiting El Nido during your trip to the Dominican Republic, there are a few reasons why you should definitely do so.

The beaches of El Nido

One of the main reasons that you should make the journey to El Nido for your trip to the Dominican Republic is because of the abundance of natural beauty. The island boasts over 400 different beaches and you can choose which one you would like to visit during your trip to El Nido. Some of the popular beaches include Playita de Los Dedos, located on a small narrow strip of beach on the western side of town, and Granada. These two beaches are also very popular with tourists who are interested in snorkeling and scuba diving as well as other water sports. Other popular beaches include Cayo Coco, which feature a picturesque palm tree that overlooks Cayo Guillermo, and Granada, which is also a perfect spot for scuba divers.

Travelling to Dominican Republic

Another reason for making the journey to El Nido for your next Dominican Republic vacation is because of the cheap airfare available. There are three major airports in the area, which are Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, or Manzanillo. The nearest airport is the Manzanillo International Airport, which is approximately 35 miles from El Nido. Regardless, of which airport you choose, the total cost of your airfare will be less than four US dollars for each person, including your luggage.

If you have never traveled to the Dominican Republic before, you may be curious as to what to bring and what not to bring when you travel to El Nido. You will need to pack clothes that are suitable for tropical weather, shoes that are waterproof, and beach gear that includes bathing suits, flip flops, and beach bags. It is best to check with the travel agency or Puerto Princesa Airport in order to get the most up-to-date information about what is allowed to take into the country.

A little tip!

When flying into Puerto Princesa Airport, which is the main airport in the island, you will notice a small building across the street from the terminal fee. This building is a souvenir shop known as the ‘Amigos Marinas.’ Amigos refers to Puerto Princesa locals and the souvenir shops in general. When entering the souvenir shop, which is inside a converted warehouse, you will find many Puerto Princesa restaurants and bars to choose from. If you want to buy anything else, such as food or souvenirs, it is best to make your purchases at the main checkout lane.

Exploring El Nido

The first day of your El Nido trip will allow you to explore Puerto Princesa and the surrounding area. After touring the island, you will need to take a boat ride to El Nido. The boat tour, which can last up to three hours, gives you the opportunity to view the different waterfalls, caves, and lagoons found around the area. You will also have the opportunity to participate in activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. The boat tours depart from the San Jose terminal in a matter of minutes and return by land. In total, you spend approximately two hours touring the area.

The second day of your trip allows you to experience the island a bit more. After checking out the excursions in the afternoon, you and your travel party can head to a small lagoon in the Bay Islands to experience the stunning sunset. There are several San Jose tour companies who offer this option, but if you do not like the long boat ride, you may also want to consider a bus or local taxi service. Once you reach the island, you will return aboard the boat and have the opportunity to tour several other attractions in the area including the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende.


After visiting the various attractions on your first el nido trip, you may feel ready to explore Palawan on your own. However, before you plan your journey, check rates at the San Jose International Airport. The airport offers many different types of transportation services that include airport transfer services, rental cars, and shuttle services to popular tourist destinations. As you explore the small town proper of El Nido, make sure to stop in at the local spin hostel for a comfortable stay. The good news is that you will be able to find many spas in the area, so you can relax in style while enjoying the beauty of the island.

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