Tips for protecting your home from harsh weather this fall

If you’re a homeowner, then you’re likely doing whatever possible to keep your abode safe and protected. Regardless of where you live, you’ve probably experienced some sort of seasonal weather pattern that can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. One month that is the most crucial to look out for is Fall. Fall is the season that comes right before winter and can bring weather that ranges from rain, to hail, and even to snow in many parts of the country. If the integrity of your home is compromised during the fall months, then you’re not going to have a very fun winter. Here are some ways that you can keep your home protected from harsh weather this fall. 

Flood Proof Your Home and Basement

Homes with basements are at an increased risk for flooding during heavy rainstorms. There are several ways to make sure that water doesn’t seem through your foundation and ruin the interior of your house. Some of the most common ways to prevent flooding is by keeping your gutters cleaned and maintained, making sure that the exterior of your home is properly graded, sealing your basement, and keeping larger shrubs and trees away from the foundation. A house that isn’t at risk for flooding is going to be much more secure and also much more valuable if you plan on selling in the winter or in other months. Consider implementing some of the flood mitigation ideas listed above. 

Check on the Roof

Older, worn down roofs can also leave your home vulnerable. During heavy periods of rain, you run the risk of problem-causing leaks. If your roof is damaged at all, issues such as wood rot, mold, poor ventilation, and pests can harm the structure of your home. When thinking of ways to fix up your home, consider having your roof repaired or replaced if it’s seen some damage. That way, when any harsh weather comes by during the fall months, your home will be safe and secure! 

Install a Generator

Heavy thunder and rainstorms that come with high winds can cause homes to lose electricity. Not only is losing electricity a nuisance, it’s problematic. Without electricity, many homes can’t run water or heat. Without these two features, houses become unlivable. One solution is to install a generator. Generators are a backup plan for when the electricity goes out and use their own source of energy to kick things back into gear. They’re a great asset for keeping your home safe this upcoming fall. 

Insulate the Interior

Insulation is what keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your home has poor insulation, not only are you going to feel more uncomfortable, you’re also going to experience higher utility bills. Update your insulation from roof to basement and especially in areas like attics, crawl spaces, garages, and joist spaces. 

Preparing your home for the colder, harsher weather will not only benefit you in the short term, it will also make your house more valuable which will be visible in a net proceeds calculator. Don’t suffer through the fall and winter this year. Instead, follow the preventative measures listed above for a safe and cozy cold season. 

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