Ultimate Wellness Gift Guide For Women

Don’t kid yourself, ladies. The last two years have been rough, and all of that angst, anxiety, fear, and stress wreaks havoc on our overall sense of well-being, mental health, and physical health. Anxiety and stress are all stored in our tummies. That makes for an awful time in all sorts of horrible ways – especially for women who tend towards emotional thinking and experiences far more than our male counterparts.

So, in the spirit of the new year and all things new, we’ve compiled a list of some of the essential wellness inducing and inspired gifts for your BFF (which could also be you, by the way, no judgment), to help you get everything right back into alignment again.

There’s real science behind all of this by the way, so if you’re indulging for yourself or someone else, it’s legit – guilt-free.

HigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket

The Higher Dose sauna blanket is special. It creates an entirely uplifting sensation with amethyst layers for deep penetration of the therapeutic infrared rays that cover your body with an amazing warm ‘glow’. It is known as a natural tranquillizer, so stress and anxiety will be gone! (It can also help balance mood swings when our monthly visitors come calling – and we don’t mean our in-laws…although…)

Warm & Cosy Care Package

We just love these self-care hampers. You can soak in pink Himalayan salt (which can reduce fatigue and help relieve all manner of ailments), soft alpaca lounge socks make it impossible not to snuggle up to a heater. Hot chocolate warms your body – and your heart, and let’s not forget that the chocolate was once thought of as something of an elixir from the gods, as the ancient Mayans drank it to revive and revitalize.

Journals, buckets lists, and year planners

To many, this seems like something of pseudo-science or fad, but it isn’t – it really isn’t. Existentialiising your thoughts, plans and goals have a way of organizing your thoughts at the same time, and when you’re decluttering your mind – you’re doing the same for your life. Now, there are times for hyperrealism, and then there are times for outlandish dreaming – make provision for both, and as a gift, this one is pretty special.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier HP04

It doesn’t take a degree in, well, anything to know that clean air improves just every way our brains function, and as our friends at Covid HQ seem to be hanging around a little longer than we’d like, there has been an even greater focus on clean air. Dyson has a top-rated hairdryer, but check this out: it’s a heater and a fan, and it gets rid of bacteria, toxins and allergens in the air.

Ladies, wellness isn’t just a feeling or a sense of being – yes, that’s part of it because when our minds are at rest, and we’re thinking clearly, the stress that we store in our bodies dissipates as well. But it doesn’t happen on its own, and if you know that your girlfriend is making her way through the day a little harder than she should be, a gift that inspires wellness from the inside out, maybe just that thing that makes all the difference.


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