Where to Download Free Textbooks

In this post, I am going to reveal some free textbook websites to download nearly every textbook for your classes. If literature is your thing and looking for some free online textbooks, then Free Tech Books is the website for you. You do not have to search another site for downloading the PDF textbooks, as using the Free Book Spot, you can download books without the requirement of registration.

Like any other site for finding free online textbooks, Open Courseware has many available textbooks for students to download in the form of pdf files. There are tons of free textbooks online, as well as PDF versions of textbooks, which can be read at no cost. If you are looking for PDF versions of textbooks, ManyBooks.net is certainly worth checking out. While you cannot get the PDF versions of the textbooks, Amazon does have a free app (Kindle for PC) which allows you to read the Kindle books on a computer/laptop.

On ScholarWorks, you can search any textbook that you want, and chances are, there is a copy of the text similar on ScholarWorks. If you are looking for a physical copy of textbooks, then the college or university library is certainly your best bet. If you are okay with reading on your screen rather than in print, there are some free or cheap options to download textbooks.

If you are a college student, you can use OpenStax, Open Textbook Library, and ScholarWorks websites. OpenStax is another site for college students to get 100% free online PDFs of college textbooks, which are available in both English and Spanish. On OpenStax, you can find high-quality, peer-reviewed, openly licensed college textbooks which you can read online for free, or print out at a lower cost.

Internet Archive is a user-friendly site for students to download free PDFs of university textbooks, as well as free online college textbooks. You can download digital textbooks as PDFs by clicking on Free access links below each book; site owners have also included links to purchase books, should you be interested in buying cheap college textbooks.

There are a few really useful textbooks you can download free of charge here, particularly when you are a computer person, with 100+ books available to select and download on your computer. You may want to take a look at this, if you want to find where you can download the textbooks, magazines, articles, and novels as a digital format, without going through any forms of registration. If you love reading and downloading books, then you can check out Bookyard, which is one of the surprising websites for downloading textbooks PDF.

You are not likely to find any textbooks at this website, but you will find tons of young adult and kids books. If you are looking for elementary and middle school resources, head over to Free Kids Books. The resources for students, parents, and teachers (i.e., books or curriculum) available in grades K-12 — Pre-Primary are found at the Free Kids Books site. Free Kids Books is a growing library of unique childrens books, literature resources, and K-12 schoolbooks available online and for download, mostly in the convenient PDF format.

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