Why Vinyl Flooring is the Family Friendly Option

When you are thinking of setting up the family home, you probably spend more time pining over which colour carpet would suit the room instead of thinking if it is a good solid long term investment.


If someone was to recommend vinyl flooring to you you probably pull a face and envision those dirty floors you see in hairdressers or showrooms. You may feel it’s just not your cup of tea for the family nest. Well look into it a little further and you’ll discover that today’s vinyl flooring, such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, is possibly the number one product that every expert on interior design would push you towards.


Why is that exactly?


Tough, but not on your Children


Your immediate image is probably a cold, hard piece of plank or tile but you would be surprised to know that the complete opposite is true.


Vinyl flooring is actually very comfortable underfoot, providing enough cushioning for those with toddlers practicing their first steps. It’s also highly durable with enough development to provide enough weight access on top without causing any indenting. Over the decades flooring such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has undergone radical changes to its multilayer product to offer long lasting protection that can withstand upwards of 30 years of tough challenge from families.


Able to Endure


Many of the most common forms of challenge that carpets, hardwood or laminates face have always been in the thought process of design at Luvanto.


Children cause many of the incidents where things cannot be repaired in the home, with spilled food and drink and damage from dropped or scraped toys being the prime suspects. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring has taken years of development to perfect a product that protects against each instance.


Resistance against stains, scratches, water and dropped items are always welcome when it comes to designing your nest. So, with vinyl flooring you have technologies implemented into the boards and tiles to protect against all of these instances. Simple cleaning such as a sweep or mop makes the floor seem like it was just installed yesterday even twenty years from now, way past when your kids have grown out of toys and juice cups.


From beautifully replicated designs to lush intricate patterns of installation, Luvanto Endure Pro and all of their luxury vinyl flooring ranges provides the long lasting flooring option for your family, ensuring you won’t need to change your floor due to an incident or element any time soon.

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